Dragowski returns to Florence, Merritt appears again

it tastes like yellow what happens to spices On the topic Doorman. After saying farewell to Ivan Providel, destination Lazio, Luca Guti’s team went in search of a new number one, and also identified it in the past few days.


In fact, everything is decided for Bartlomig’s arrival Dragowski From Fiorentina, so much so that the Pole has arrived in Liguria to undergo medical tests and sign his contract with the new team. But the situation took a completely new and unexpected turn in a short time, and the success negotiate I was endangered.


Spezia, the situation in the net between Dragovsky and Meret

Fiorentina actually asked Dragovsky Giving up salaries for July and August. A request that angered the player who is ready for that Back to Tuscany Today is Wednesday 10 August.


The original agreement between Fiorentina and Spezia stipulated 2 million euros for the transfermore 1 million and 750 thousand euros in bonusesshare that would be They are distributed in blocks of 250 thousand euros, each of which corresponds to a certain number of appearances, that is, 20 (if the player is sold before reaching the bonus, then the amount to be paid will be the total amount of 1 million 750 thousand euros). In addition, the ratio 50% off any future resale by Dragovsky himself.

If the dispute between the Polish goalkeeper and Fiorentina is not resolved, Spezia could at that point return to the file of another goalkeeper that has been evaluated in recent weeks, Alex. Merritt Naples. Meanwhile, it was around midnight New contacts between the two clubsFiorentina and Spezia, trying to clarify the situation, which was not decisive: so the player remains determined to return to Florence.

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