The Obedient Shows Itself In A Stunning Music Video –

Forbidden horizon west It continues to show itself in new parts, within this wonderful promotional hype that Sony is implementing in these months of the approaching release of the game on PS5 and PS4, which also includes this great game Video clip for EspedentOne of the most fearsome machines in the new chapter.

We already talked about it in depth recently when new details emerged about the fearsome ASP, which appears to be one of Horizon Forbidden West’s most deadly and challenging foes, but in this case we’re dealing with a real part of gameplay on a video that shows Aloy taking the monster in a short sequence.

In the video, we see the heroine of the game approaching the car, using the grappling hook to climb a spur of the rocks, letting herself fall while gliding the glider in order to gain some space and then eliminating the bird with one precise movement they shot inside the monster’s open mouth. As mentioned in a Game Informer article that recently revealed various details about the game, Aspidente is a kind of cross between a giant cobra and a rattlesnake, obviously largely mechanical. The creature is able to shoot long-range pressurized jets of acid thanks to the reservoir located at the base of its throat. If you hit the acid tank with an arrow, you can significantly damage the enemy.

Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West was rated by the ESRB and details emerged from it about the presence of alcohol and violence, after receiving information about side missions and weapon and clothing upgrades.

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