“Canadian football is like a prime minister. Juventus? No…

Federico Bernardeschi Back to call Italy, interview with Sky SportR. Former player in Juventus Talk about his experience at Juventus and what inspired him to choose Toronto.

Bernardeschi talks about the football he found in Canada

Bernardeschi expresses himself in Canadian football: “I didn’t expect this kind of intensity. This is a different football, not yet developed, but giant steps have been taken. A bit of grudge is still missing, but like physically advanced athletes. I think they haven’t reached Italian levels yet tactically, but I think from a sporting point of view, watching Premier League matches and playing against Premier League teams, it’s like English football.. Here we are going in that direction. You have arrived this season. They have their own plans and it has just arrived where we play every three days. When making comparisons with Italy, everything depends on the tactics of the match. There is time to train“.


Then he returns to his experience at Juventus: “I’m someone who’s always been willing to change roles a few times and that has punished me a bit. However, I have a good relationship with Pirlo and I have no regrets. During my 5 years with Juventus, I made between 30 and 35 appearances on average per year. You have always gained my advantages“.


Bernardeschi between Juventus and Napoli contacts

Then Federico Bernardeschi revealed his past, which corresponds to Juventus and two great friends such as Dybala and Bernardeschi: “I have lived well, but it is useless to be strong. This is the job, you care so much about your career and your family’s future. You have to stay behind the game and this constant movement is part of the transfer market. I haven’t heard from Dybala, but the presentation they gave him in Rome is worth everything. The picture of him sitting was very beautiful. Cristiano Ronaldo? Let’s talk about a friend“.

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Finally, it closes on Napoli and the candidate for the next tournament: “There was great interest from Naples. It went on for a while, then the situation slipped a bit, because I had other things in my head. Juventus is used to winning. Juventus is a team that deserves to win. Now he has taken Pogba and Di Maria and there are other heroes who can make a difference. Juventus is the favorite to win the tournament. With Allegri it will be more than that“.

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