Aslani and Lotaro live in the middle of the match, Lukaku and Gouzens late: Lugano-Inter promotion and postponement | first page

Aslani and Lotaro live in the middle of the match, Lukaku and Gouzens late: Lugano-Inter promotion and postponement |  first page

Inter scored their first match of the season 4-1 in Lugano, in front of more than 5,000 fans, mostly from Milan.. good signs for Simon Inzaghi, Who bet on the husband immediately Lukaku-LautaroThe Argentine immediately appeared on the ball and the Belgian was still a bit behind in physical condition. These are the semantics of the game, with the best and the worst.


original Right in the middle of the match, he lowers himself between the center of the defense and turns vertically with precision and clarity. The character’s performance, he asks and gets the ball, his teammates entrust him with the ball without a doubt, a sign for those who have already realized that between his feet is in the bank.

Manual: With Onana behind him, the stimuli are different. The Slovenian makes two great interventions that allow Inter to finish the first 90 minutes of the season without worry.

Lautaro Ready, it’s already double. The first goal as a thief, taking advantage of the uncertainty experienced by the opposing goalkeeper. The second goal with a first intention shot that sacks at the intersection. He talks to Lukaku and seems smarter than his classmates.

Being He comes off the bench and plays two crucial games. Run away in a tunnel and send the ball correctly first to kiss the shaft and then shove itself into the net. Under the curve he chants, “I’ll stay here.” If he does it with these assumptions, everyone is fine.

least in shape

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Agome Lazy, leaving Fontanarossa in tatters, Inzaghi called him again loudly. Play enough and miss many balls.

Mkhitaryan He touches some balls and one of them misses too. Not at his best, he also came from an injury.

jozens Due to his lateness in the case, he never succeeded in breaking through on his part. The physical structure is what it is, in a month or so we’ll be talking about another player.

lukaku – He has to move with a lot of weight and the condition is not the best. Tired but on the piece, at the end of the first half he spoke to the boys asking them to immediately look at the movement of the limb and put the toy upright. He pushes and in motion he moves two of them before kicking towards the goal: the finale to the side. He also tries to take the free kick, but that’s not the house’s specialty.

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