Luca Marini married his wife, Marta Vincenzi. picture

Luca Marini married his wife, Marta Vincenzi.  picture

TAVULIA, July 21, 2023 – Luca Marini And Marta VincenteToday I got married in a parish Tavulia. the Yes between Vali’s brotheras well as a motorcycle GP racer, and Martha himannounced shortly after 16:30 in Tavullia Parish Church: the same church where Married Alessio Ushio Salucciand he is the same priest as the old parish priest used to ring the bells for every doctor’s victory.

As in Ushio’s case, Valentino also climbed to the altar in disguise a witness Wedding. The doctor arrived at the party, accompanied by his partner Frances Sophia Novello and the Juliet’s daughter1 year and 4 months, which was recently Filmed on social media On a small bike. Of course, there were also The mother of the two pilot brothersAnd Stephanie Palmawhich she chose for the occasion Gray pink pleated dress.

Bride’s dress, Marta Vincenzi

The historical companion of Luca Marini, who runs a beauty business in Cattolica, was wrapped up Very romantic cloud dress: long trainLong sleeves and bodice Payment protectionflared skirt; a barrier To cover the make-up face perfectly, matching the chest. Blonde hair pulled back in a Soft cake under the veil. at hand a White flower bouquet long torso. During the evening, as evidenced by the stories on Instagram, the bride chose to change her outfit Mermaid dressalways with a train, which left the back exposed and then an elegant short dress adorned with it small plumage.

also Luca Marini He opted for a look that was both classic and elegant: a blue suit, a silver tie, and a slicked back.

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How Valentino Rossi and Francesca Sofia Novello dressed

Witness and brother Valentino Rossi He chose a dark suit and tie, and strict white flowers at his buttonhole. smallest Juliet I brought her a beautiful white dress and Frances Sophia Novello A pink dress with spaghetti straps, a braid at the back, and a deep slit is illuminated by jeweled sandals.

Where was the party held?

Then the spouses and guests dined and celebrated in Pesaro, prof Villa Catani Stewart in Tribiantico: The venue is immortalized with photos of the bride and guests in a triumph of candles, draperies, chandeliers, and a grand finale with fireworks.

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Last Thursday, a gala dinner took place in Posillipo di Gabicce: the photo, which the future spouses posted on social networks, was accompanied by a revealing caption: “To our love, for everything we want and for everything to come. -5 hours”

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