In favor of puberty blockers. But science says more

In favor of puberty blockers.  But science says more

In recent days, the Italian Society of Pediatrics – as reported in the blog Feminist Post – which – which Effects of pubertal blockers (puberty inhibitor) used to treat girls and boys with gender dysphoria is completely reversible and therefore does not cause any harm or danger. This means, therefore, that If a girl or boy changes his mind about the “sex change” goal and stops the “treatment”, his development will resume normally, with no final effect and/or health problem.

Real fake news, because science and various studies show just the opposite. Effects of treatment with puberty inhibitorIn fact, They are by no means “completely reversible” and that really scares away Italian pediatricians are not informed (or not informed) of this scientific evidence.

Among the studies that, on the contrary, always denounced the many dangers to children, were those published by British Medical Journal “It is said that blockers do not relieve psychological distress / for young people.” On the contrary, in fact, adolescents and children who tried these dummy treatments, at the instigation of unwary clinicians, had “decreased growth in height and bone strength when they finished treatment at age 16”.

The same British clinic Tavistock, which we talked about several times, was forced to close its doors a few days ago precisely because of the physical and psychological damage caused to many young people and adolescents. The harm caused primarily by “prescription without standards of pubertal blockers by the clinic”.

Now a thousand and one father working class against the clinic to seek justice and compensation for reckless treatments which had, contrary to what Italian pediatricians believe, had “irreversible consequences”.

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In America too, many parents are at war with American Academy of Pediatrics Because the medical institute was going to encourage young people to use “harmful drugs”. and swede Karolinska Institute He admitted that he “destroyed the health of many children.”

The official Medical Academy of Paris, in a press release last February, spoke of “unwanted effects” due to the use and abuse of some “therapies available” in the field of biological sex change. Among the potential risks, he mentioned, “the effect on growth, weak bones and risk of infertility” and on girls “symptoms similar to menopause.”

In short, do Italian pediatricians or their representatives take into account the scientific evidence now established or do they blindly follow dangerous, dogmatic and meaningless theories?

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