Mother Rabiot stops the deal with United

Mother Rabiot stops the deal with United

Turin – A mother is always a mother, but sometimes she is also more than that. In the The case of Adrien Rabiot That’s it: a mother, a consultant, a manager, in short, her world. a lot of things took his titleHe left his father, who passed away a few years ago. The mother is the permanent center of gravity of the French language: in any aspect of the child’s professional life, You have to go to Madame Veronique. Manchester United did it in impressive fashion: first, they asked, in fairness, for Juventus’ permission to speak directly with Rabiot and his entourage to demonstrate. Attention to the Juventus playerarrived in Turin on a free transfer (after long negotiations with his mother of course) in 2019. Adrien . was I contacted him by phone directly by Ten Hag, Coach of the Red Devils: An informal and calm conversation, in which the boy – this is what those close to him say – expressed his appreciation for what the coach said. In the meantime, master United Agreement with Juventus To reveal the French label: What’s new is that the British were willing to reach for it 20 million euros plus bonuses, a number higher than the number announced in recent days. All for the sake of a footballer Worth it in one year And arrived, in fact, as a free agent: one Large capital gainsA real deal that should not be missed by the Juventus management.

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Mama Veronique blew up the deal

So the table was set, but they did it To her credit without the hostIt is appropriate to say: it seemed a little more or less formal, so much so that until recently there was some optimism about the success of the operation around Continassa. Because it is true that United are undisputed for the Champions League and in second place in the Premier League they took four, but it remains one. The club with charm has not changed And above all from the big purse: everything was ready for the Rabbit, with Four years at €6 million plus bonuses To go there, only to be signed. United also came to Turin, in the persona of general manager Murtog, for Look in the boy’s eye and grab yeah. But not all of them reconciled with Mama Veronique. Which, in essence, blew up the deal and escaped from the Red Devils, and now focuses on Try to take Casemiro del Real. Rabiot’s agent wanted a solution for his son in the Champions League, and he would also ask Adrien Same salary as Bruno Fernandezmore or less, about ten million per season, plus one rich commission for his services. And after Ferragosto had zero contacts and so United, tired of being chased, decided to do it Move to other goalsleaving Juventus with a disgruntled player in the squad (Rabiot still wants to go to the Premier League) and without the 20 million he would have served. Financing both operations for Paredesa deal that becomes complicated at this point, Both for Depay. To get to the Argentine you need one Paris Saint-Germain effortwhich has not yet opened up to the possibility of the existence of stressful loan With the right of redemption.

All the numbers of the missed Rabio and United deal

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All the numbers of the missed Rabio and United deal

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