Theresa make-up, 150 dresses and seven liters of water –

Theresa make-up, 150 dresses and seven liters of water –
From Andrea LaFranci

Twelve Hours Under the Stage: The
exercises after waking up, The
improvisation With the guitar under the tent with the swing, doubts on the shoes

Barletta – What is happening on stage can only be fully understood by spying behind the scenes. Julian
SanGyorgi jumping into the arms of a jovanotti Like the older brother he hadn’t seen in months. The two who allowed themselves to be deceived Shiko
Zalone Before 30 thousand people. An impromptu trio not released, without even the evidence rescue net, With Gianni Morandi and Biagio Antonacci. The explosive energy of Lorenzo Which takes place on stage for 8 hours and also for the audience that lives under the sun for a whole day. The Backstage of Jova Beach Party – a a tour

21 passes in 9 beaches (Airport, racetrack, and meadow in the mountains) – Right mirror for display interpretation.

7.30: Preparations

to me Barletta The day starts early. The first fans in front of the gates at 7.30. Towels on the asphalt of the waterfront, take a broomstick with Neapolitan papers, go to social networks, and a selfie. In addition toparty emotionIt’s also nice to spend the whole day with them friendssays Alessandro, 22 years old. She comes from see me, near the corner. On the other hand, Julia traveled nearly 700 kilometers to be there. She left two days before from Syracuse in the car with her 15-year-old sister Federica and others The first party of his life: My father dedicated me to you when I was born: Li 26 years with Jova They started like this. In the barrier area is also Angela, retired from Cori, Latina County: JOVA JOVAI’ve seen him grow as an artist and as a person since he was a kid. Then there’s Morandi…so double approval. In parallel with the exodus of fans, Lorenzo’s Day began.

The alarm is at 7, a little later the day after the concert (I don’t go out before 4 a.m.) and I train right away, without having to go to breakfast. I do exercises to invigorate the body, breathing … a little ‘I move by sight and how My daughter I’ve learned how to crochet with YouTube tutorials, follow American bio hack tutorials, and listen to the experts for a bit. Team of physiotherapists – Fabrizio Porra and his sons Daniele and Luca – watch him as if he were an athlete: Customized exercises, post-party massages and water level checks. A tough experience and I should always feel satisfied. Between the water and the Terer, comes the Argentinian mating that is prepared cool in the summer 7-10 liters of fluid per day; During the show, he consumed 7 water bottles, one with 1 teaspoon of table salt. Overworking this tour is also a liability. When I’m riding my solo bike, I stop whenever I want. I am here necessary. Diet also studied: he takes Equilibrium Which depends on the cure: Not that after the concert I go out to make myself pizza and beer. To get the most out of it, I focus all meals into 8 hours. Around 10 a.m. Breakfast with yogurt or milk alternative, dried fruits and seeds. About 11 light lunches with fish or eggs and vegetables, no meat or carbs. At 6 pm a similar dinner. I am not a fundamentalist, without faith, but I understand that if I eat certain foods I am less fit.

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15:30: Ansar

Jova arrives at 1.30 pm. The first task is there Laddermeticulously handwritten and photographed for Teams and technicians. More than a festival, a party. People trust Lorenzo and his choices. You can understand this from the reactions: everyone is dancing and even unknown guests are interfering, director Marco Sorrentino comments. No Jouva, No Beach Party. Not a resellable format. something in his image and likeness. There is within his world, his curiosity, his positive thinking, his tendency to be challenged and look elsewhere, to accumulate what does not fit in. to me
The sanctuary of Lorenzo, sheltered by a bed of reeds, can be reached by passing under the Salgarian flag of the Mumbrasim tigers. In the center is a yurt: a hammock resting under the gaze of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sofa, and a table with dried fruits, spices, minerals, and sound treatments. Next to it is a wardrobe with 150 unique pirate-style items designed by him Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of Dior – And a space for administration and communication sponsored by Dalia Gabercik. Outside there are three more tents for Bedouin camps: one for guest artists (over 160, from 35 different countries), one for the band and an area set up as a rehearsal room that is the lung of artistic and human exchange.

From early afternoon backstage becomes a seaport. The Mayor of Barletta hands over the T-shirt bearing the city’s name; Tribute to Benedetta Pelato, World Swimming Champion. At 3.40 pm, he took the stage for the first time. We are a sea facing the sea. What a flash… Have a nice trip!. While there, he takes his acoustic guitar and sings. It multiplies, always, infectious energy. After two years of pressing, spring release. In public, you feel like partying, and this year, those who do my work are having fun like crazy. You can see it on his face. a marathonsevere physical test, but having fun as if he was the bride at the wedding. Serve and duo with SBAM gueststheater dedicated to DJ and electronic music, e With those from Kontiki, emerging and sounds of the world. He descends from one stage and appears on another by moving on an electric bike, followed like a shadow by his character Emiliano Segatori. At five in the evening, family time. Arrived Francesca Valliani, wife (On his Instagram account live performances of the show with POV from the stage), and daughter Teresa. discussion about shoes Lorenzo, Teresa mocks her father, but does not persuade him to change. Shortly before the show, she’ll be putting on her Native American makeup. At about 6 pm, the atmosphere in the backstage is sparkling. You improvise with your feet in the sand, and develop a chitarata on the beach around the fal. Climate that, but the level of it professionals A glimpse of understanding is enough to change the tempo and adjust the tonality. it’s up Chico Zalon. join Giuliano Sangiorgi
. Humor comedian and generosity leader Negramaru Light up the moment. The Designer Fabio November Unleash the dance. I will touch the next day Biagio
Antonacci mix up. Approximately 7.15pm appears Gianni
MorandiAnd the regular guest. I would have paid to stand in the middle with the towel on the sand… A wave of affection floods me. A new stage in my career? Always like the first.

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8 pm: The show

How hot is it? The security apparatus sprays the evaporating water with cannons and plunges into the waves. You can listen to live music while soaking under the eyes of 30 lifeguards on turrets and jet skis. How nice to see something new – says Alessandro, a 22-year-old warehouse worker – In a steady city known for crime news like my Barletta..a starting point for us young people not to flee north.

JBP Democracy Geography. It gets to where the big parties don’t reach and we’re satisfied with street parties. It takes 5 days to set up and 2 days to disassemble and clean. €20 million production, 150 people on tour and 1,000 more captured on site on each dateexplain Promoter Maurizio Salvadori of Trident. The pirate ship did not find a calm sea and Lorenzo’s torment also arrived on social media. There has been controversy about workers specifically: In Fermo, on the weekend after Barletta, the labor inspectorate found 17 illegal workers, who were then organized with a fine by 4 companies that hired them.. The related to
environmentalists Locals speak of a negative impact on the delicate ecosystem of the beaches. These are specious disagreements, with the WWF, we’ve monitored every possible criticism – Salvadorian concludes -. What matters is that we transfer a file Important awareness message and to leave The cleanest beaches How did we find them?

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