What are the powers of cities?

The health crisis has shown this, too: municipalities must adapt to crises and changes. Science and evidence should be at the heart of policy decisions at this political level of convergence.

But do municipal elections put science, and especially citizens’ health, at the forefront of their concerns? What initiatives can encourage evidence-based decisions? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

  • Remy QuirionNS Chief Scientist in Quebec for 10 years. This fall he was appointed president of the International Network of Leading Scientists and Scientific Advisers (An international network of government scientific advisory).
  • Roxanne Hood A physician specializing in public health and preventive medicine. Fellow in Environmental Health at McGill University and Co-Chair at Young Public Health Physicians.

What are the powers and responsibilities of cities in these key issues: health and climate, but also aging. What local issues could benefit from more scientific advice: homelessness, poverty, urban planning, mobility? On Social Inequalities in Health, Where Do Cities Fit? Are there any patterns to follow?

What lessons can be learned from the pandemic…for the next pandemic and other global challenges such as climate change? Can municipalities help make it tangible for their citizens?

Candidates for mayor must scientific background? How do we develop the scientific culture of the leaders of our municipality? Should we ask candidates about public health issues? Why is there no scientific advisor at the municipality level where there is a scientific advisor? Victoriaville?


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Photo: Saint-Michel-du-Squatec, Bas-Saint-Laurent / Nicogag / Wikipedia Commons

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