Science shows that showing kindness increases life expectancy

What if showing kindness increased your chances of living longer? That’s what a recent study from the University of California tends to show.

Do you have a bad reputation for licking bears? Perhaps you should take a look at your copy… According to a recent study by the University of California’s Badri Kindness Institute, showing kindness and kindness can actually significantly increase your life expectancy. “Having a behavior focused on kindness or just thinking about how we can be kinder to others lowers blood pressure,” explains Daniel Whistler, director of the institute. And the claim that this virtue also helps treat “depression and anxiety.”

“Live better and longer”

This, while annoying, even hostile, will increase stress and heart rate, “literally shortening your life.” The results were confirmed by Kelly Harding, a physician at Columbia University who believes the charity “strengthens the immune system and generally helps people live better and for longer.” There are many opportunities. Promote kindness to self and others “at work, school, or home…”

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Video – “A wall of goodness” erected in Stockholm for the needy:

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