No, Samantha Cristoforetti did not take a selfie from the most beautiful space in history

No, Samantha Cristoforetti did not take a selfie from the most beautiful space in history

We dreamed for 2 nanoseconds, just long enough to realize that no, this wasn’t the selfie of the century. But Samantha, as we know, can do it all, and it leaves her with the advantage of being the first European astronaut to participate in an extravehicular mission

In fact, the experts put us back – it is appropriate to say – and our feet on the ground in an instant. This isn’t a selfie that Cristoforetti took among the stars, but a photo that’s at least 10 years old that was remade and then turned out to be real.

Many signed up for it and the shot went around the web. But that’s not the case: Cristoforetti, who in recent months took part aboard the International Space Station as part of the Minerva mission, never took that photo.

This is not a selfie of Samantha Cristoforetti! they write On the Passione Astronomia Facebook page. This image (which has already been around for years) became a turning point after Cristoforetti’s last spacewalk. According to most people, it would be a shot made by our Samantha: in fact it’s a show (in our opinion not faithful to reality). From the research that has been done, this image, which has been passed on as a real one, has been around for several years now. We recommend that you always rely on official sources. In the first comment you will find a real spatial selfie that Luca Parmitano made in 2013.

She is also:

Luca Parmitano


Hence, to be precise, the display takes its cues from a September 2012 selfie of Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshied during additional craft activity on the International Space Station. In short, the original photo was taken in 2012. Later, the photo was cut and pasted on a photo of Earth, also taken by the International Space Station.

Aki Hoshide


Subsequently, AstroSamantha was not the same. But we love them all the same.

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