“I never told Auggie I was straight. It’s a language that doesn’t belong to me. Love has many forms.”

“I never told Auggie I was straight. It’s a language that doesn’t belong to me. Love has many forms.”

It is once again a moment of great and well-deserved vision for Massimo Lopez who, with Tullio Solinghi, is touring Italian theaters with “Where We Left Us”, an exciting offering like all of the duo’s works. However, during one of the interviews set up for the show’s launch, there was a misunderstanding that the actor and voice actor wanted to clear up immediately because his words were “misinterpreted by the journalist,” Lopez says. In a sentence published by the weekly magazine Oji, the actor defined himself as “straight and single,” a definition also included in the title of the interview.

The article stated that Lopez is “single but full of love, for all his important friends, lifelong friends. Tulio, of course, but not only that. I wish I had met those friends too (which is what the rumors say, editor). I can say this: I am a straight, unconvinced single man. I’m not convinced because I don’t like being single. But maybe it’s too late, I should have thought about it before. Fortunately, I have a few true friends who are like family and ultimately I don’t lack a partner.

Well, that definition of the word “straight” has never been uttered, says the 71-year-old actor.


“My dear friends, many of you have known me and followed me for years, and you know that some words do not belong to me, and I do not share them, and today I find myself here forced to write these lines and apologize to all of you., for a statement I never issued: “the straight word” is a language that does not belong to me, It’s not a part of me, it’s not a part of my way of thinking.” “This sentence comes from a completely fictional interpretation of my words by a journalist, during an interview in which I did not use the word ‘straight’. In all these years, I have never liked any kind of labels, because we are human beings, not objects, and we each have our own stories and uniqueness.”

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“Reading some of the unpleasant comments, some of which identify me as ‘homophobic’, hurts my heart, precisely because I have always been on everyone’s side, and firmly believe in love in all its forms” Yes, because “love” has many forms , It has many aspects, and there is no right love or less right love, but only love exists. Love should never be judged or categorized!” Lopez finally concluded with a personal assessment: “In my life I loved a lot, and I was loved a lot, but I never needed to give a name to this love, nor today, I myself, feel the need to.” To name myself. I love you”.

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