Are you passionate about reading? FREE BOOKS FOR YOU: Don’t miss this opportunity

Are you passionate about reading?  FREE BOOKS FOR YOU: Don’t miss this opportunity

There are many people who are interested in literature, are you one of them? Alla can’t take advantage of this opportunity to get free books. Here’s how. Easy and fast system.

Among the most interesting cultural areas we find, without any doubt, reading. There are many books that enthusiasts read, both in paper and digital form. On the other hand, given the current situation, you need to be careful about costs. Here, then, you have the gods Free books It is not a despised solution.

The internet is all free

As we well know, this area is surrounded by many species. Until November, the Italian Publishers Association showed the data collected by Nielsen Boxcan. The latter is a company that deals with statistical information and has created an algorithm for estimating sales. Something may have changed in December but until November it was Italian readers’ favorite genre Narrative: especially pink.

If the narrative rejoices a different speech for non-fiction resulting in a decrease of 11%. While comics saw a whopping 16% increase. To stand out, like books, it was Irene Dome phenomenonthe Italian author Magazzini Salani created the bestselling book in the 11 months of 2022. So, interest in this product is high: how do you get free books?

How do you get free books? Websites and apps to consider

Let’s start with the sites that can guarantee this solution: Liber LibreAnd Project Gutenberg And Free eBooks. The first is an Italian platform that allows you to download more than 4,000 books, among which we find great classics and works without copyright. Each book can be downloaded in a different format. Project GutenbergOn the other hand, it is an online library that allows you to download copyright-free products. To be able to access from Italy, you need to change the DNS. The latter is an Italian portal where you can download not only books, but also magazines, comics, articles and independent products.

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Let’s move on to useful applications for android. The first is Amazon Kindles which is now very well known. After downloading the application, we can see, through a filtered search, all the free opportunities. We have permission Kobo Books Which allows you to read e-books that are part of Mondadori. Here too, as with Amazon, you have to download, register and search for the free products available. Finally, we have it play books Which allocates a section for purchases at a price of 0 euros. After you’ve “bought” all you have to do is read it.

Free texts for iPhone and Kindle

If you have a home appliance an Apple If you want to download books for free, you can do so using the same apps mentioned in the section for Android, albeit with some differences. For the Kindle, for example, on the iPhone, it is not possible to download the text directly from the app but you will have to do so from browsers. Once on the site, we must select “Kindle for iOSFrom there we will have the selected texts.

Whereas if you have purchased an ebook reader and want to read free books, you can do so through the app kindles. Anyone can access this via any browser. Simply search for the correct category and select the device or library name.

In short, the opportunities to get free books are varied. How different are shopping coupons. Even in this field There are tricks to get it for free. Another positive aspect given the high prices.

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