Conversations with Science – Reflections on Music

Conversations with Science – Reflections on Music

Conversations with science

For science as for art, everything begins from an idea, from an idea that springs, in both cases, from the same all-powerful human drive to observe reality. On the one hand, physics, chemistry, natural sciences and other scientific disciplines are used, and on the other hand, artistic expression, in its many forms, uses different languages ​​with a common goal: to develop a representation of the world to address its complexity.

In this third edition of Conversations with Science, we analyze how this knowledge is intertwined and shared, and in particular, how music, theater and film can narrate science, its protagonists and its consequences for the world and for individual human beings.

Sunday 5 November at 11.00 am
Sforza Castle in Novara

Reflections on music

With Cristiano Godano, musician and author

Beginning with a series of stories inspired by the world we live in, increasingly scarce resources, the climate emergency and the natural changes it is causing, Cristiano Godano uses his voice and music to spark heated thinking about our emergency. Live: From narrative to current events to live music in an event that represents inspiration, emotion and motivation for more conscious thoughts and actions.

Dialogues with Science is a project of the Circolo dei Readers Foundation within the project Binario 9 e 3/4_IV NOTICE_2023 ID 4633842 funded by the Interreg cooperation program between Italy and Switzerland.
Entrance is free with advance reservation

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