Fabio Fazio, touching memory after his untimely death: “Change TV…”

Fabio Fazio, touching memory after his untimely death: “Change TV…”

Fabio Fazio wanted to express very touching words to remember and honor a very important figure of Ray.

On July 11, he passed away Angelo Guglielmi, a historic Rai Corporation executive and director of Rai 3 who managed to give the network a real turning point, devising and launching programs that made the difference and are still hugely popular to this day. Guglielmi died at the age of 93, apparently in his sleep, ANSA and the Fidelity House website reported. His genius and remarkable ability to understand Programs that can actually be successful It allowed the Ray to make a huge leap in quality, especially from 1987 to 1994.

Angelo Guglielmi Web Source

Just think of historical broadcasts like Those who football And the who saw?, which immediately gained a very important following and is still considered today among the best programs in the history of Rai. And then also Samarkand, one day in the District Court, Blob, Me Lubrano and Linea scorente.

“I owe him so much, his lesson …”

I never dreamed of chasing after that metaphysical thing that is truth. Instead, I always talked about reality. The truth is the verdict – Angelo Guglielmi himself said in an interview with Umberto Eco in the 1990s – Reality includes lying, too. The truth is what you have before your eyes. You can let it pass, and you can look at it. I tried to act the second way. In that sense, my mistakes started very early.”

The news of his disappearance had a huge impact on everyone They were fortunate enough to work with him and appreciation of his extraordinary professional qualities.

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angel guglielmi
Angelo Guglielmi Web Source

Among the most touching memories there is without a doubt Fabio Faziowhich thanks to Quelli che il Calcio was able to present a program to Italians about the most popular sport that talked about football on Sunday Without taking yourself too seriouslyanimated by the characters who later became real idols: Carlo Sassi, Peter van Goof, Takahidi Sano, Massimo Buscemi, Idris Sane, Sister Paola and many others.

Angelo Guglielmi changed TV Make it contemporary And he imposed a strict narrative line on the things he did: television Like a real story. I owe him a lot.”Immediately after the disappearance of the Rai 3 director, Fazio said, then the squad leader concluded with a sentence from Guglielmi: “Culture is not a thing but a way of doing things, that is its most important lesson.”

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