Discover the Library of Infinite Curiosity – Calella Television Radio

Discover the Library of Infinite Curiosity – Calella Television Radio

La Biblioteca de la curiositat infinita is a family theater performance in the Catalan language that takes place on Saturdays in the multi-purpose hall of the Llobet-Guri factory as part of the Escena Calella programme. Everyone is invited and can visit the different sections to discover the poetic and fascinating material hidden in the world of books. The library is open for at least three hours, and there are some librarians who break into the library and complement the audience's experience with their sudden and mysterious actions. It can be visited on Saturday 27 April at the La Fàbrica Multipurpose Center (6pm). Tickets are on sale on for €5.

the Library of endless curiosity It is a magical place where books become portals to poetic and wonderful worlds waiting to be discovered. Magda Socias invites you to tour the exceptional space that will be installed in the La Fàbrica multipurpose center to discover the potential of this storehouse of stories. A library that thrives on questions, where we will find some of them Unique librarians And where you live books instead of reading them.

It is Escena Calella's family theater proposal for this show Saturday 27 AprilFrom 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Tickets are on sale Connected To the gate At a price of 5 euros.

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