Skoda Superb 2024: Here it is without a veil

Skoda Superb 2024: Here it is without a veil

He does not deny his past – There is no revolution in forms for the new Skoda Superb. If anything, an improvement over the previous generation, with More decisive linesDistinctive ribs on the hood converge towards the angular octagonal grille, slim LED headlights and a new logo. The front and rear bumpers are also more sculpted, while the headlights are thinner, and could also feature dynamic LEDs and light up to welcome you. There are many solutions to improveAerodynamic efficiencyresulting in a CD of only 0.23 for the sedan version (10% less than before) and 0.25 for the family car (-15%): among the measures, a more inclined windshield, two air intakes and two air vents that can be closed electrically when not You need engine or brake cooling, slotted fenders that reduce vortex formation around the front wheels, and for a wagon, a spoiler over the rear window.

Box 690 litres – New in Italy Skoda Superb It will only come with the bodywork station wagon (The sedan is reserved for other countries.) The first examples are expected to appear in dealerships June 2024 (However, prices will be officially announced in January, but should start from About 45,000 euros). there Length Increases by 4 cm, reaching 490While the width decreases slightly: 185 cm, that is, 1.5 fewer than before. The height is almost identical, 148cm: only 5mm more. A plus also for the load capacity which can reach 690 liters with the sofa in use and 1920 liters when lying down.

Modern cockpit – The true revolution of the new Skoda Superb wagon It’s inside, where we find More precise finishes and a high-tech dashboard, dominated by a 12.9-inch touchscreen. Below are multifunctional controls for managing the “climate”, driving modes and some infotainment functions. At Skoda they call them Smart order It used small round screens with a diameter of 32 mm inside the three wheel markers. Two external devices allow you to regulate the temperature on each side of the passenger compartment or activate the heating and ventilation of the seats: you can switch from one to the otherAnother post By pressing the wheel. Likewise, the central unit can control four of these six elements: volume of the infotainment system, speed of the “climate” fan, flow direction, driving mode, zooming in/out of the navigator map or activating the “smart” mode of climate control (also pollen check And dust). Behind the steering wheel is a 10-inch digital instrument panel, which, depending on trim levels, can be integrated with the new model Color head-up display. Furthermore, in addition to the four (two front and two rear) 45W USB-C sockets, which are also useful for charging a laptop, there’s one behind the inside rearview mirror to power the dashcam.

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Safety at the center – In the new Skoda Superb wagon Several systems debut Driving assistance, such as automatic braking when turning at intersections or a system (based on radar and front camera) that monitors oncoming vehicles when exiting the lane or side street, and activates the brakes in case there is a risk of an accident. Some systems will arrive later, thanks to over-the-air updates: among them, reverse braking when there is a risk of collision with pedestrians. Talking about safety, the new Skoda Superb Wagon can have up to 10 airbags, including one for the driver’s knees, one central between the seats and two lateral for passengers on the sofa. It also contributes to safety New headlights LED matrix with a light beam that is 40% stronger than in the past.

Many solutions are simply smart – In Czech home language, smart words are simply related to those words Smart tricks Which increases ease of use. Classic is Shades Hidden in the driver and front passenger doors, or scraper For ice in the tank door. However, they are now made from recycled materials, as are the seat upholstery fabrics, but for the richer Laurin & Klement decorations, soft leathers treated with olive processing waste are used. Appearing for the first time among simply smart solutions,… Retractable tablet holder In the central rear armrest or pockets in the seats to hold a smartphone. Practice the new Wireless panel 15W Ventilated: By avoiding overheating of the smartphone, it allows you to reduce charging times. Also new is the sunshade that (upon request) opens and closes electrically along with the tailgate. Speaking of comfort, the new Skoda Superb wagon could have seats with massage functions and the latest generation of electronically controlled shock absorbers, capable of changing the stiffness in the compression and release phases.

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New hybrid cars, and even plug-in ones – We already had the opportunity to talk about the engines during the preview test of the new engine prototype Skoda Superb wagon (Laws here to know more). To the most classic ones 2.0 turbodiesel with 150 or 193 hprenewed to improve efficiency, accompanied by new ones 1.5 mild hybrid 150 hp gasoline engine and two 2.0 Turbo with 204 or 265 hp. All are mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the more powerful versions have it Traction 4×4. However, two-wheel drive (front) and a six-speed DSG gearbox, for the additional 204 hp 1.5 engine, which has a remarkable declared average range in electric mode (more than 100 km) and for the possibility of charging the car’s 25.7 kWh battery also in Direct current at 50 kW, as well as in alternating current up to 11 kW. So, in 25 minutes, you’ll go from 10 to 80% charge.

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