Gf Vip 6 Alex Belli And Soleil Rise Strong Against Gianmaria Antinolfi, Davide Silvestri Breaks Up

The relationship between Janmaria Antinolfi NS Sophie Codejoni Holds a bench inside Casa del GF VIP 6. former tronista men and women She reached out to the entrepreneur, taking a step back and stating that she only felt physical attraction.

Jianmaria But he decided not to give up and try to overcome Sufi. The boy organized a surprise in Codegoni that did not achieve the desired effect. Sufi In fact, she went on a rampage and expressed her unease to the female entrepreneur whose words she felt so sorry for.

gesture Jianmaria To Sophie, some of the tenants of the house commented on him. Especially Alex Bailey NS David Silvestri I still can’t believe it’s true Antinulfi And they began to discuss how to expose him. Then I entered the conversation Soleil rise:

Today he was talking about how he was going to get this woman who was married, and he was in love and he went to pick her up in Argentina to show that he was this person who if he loved a woman he would go and take her and take her out into the street. However, I met her ex-husband and he told me the truth of the facts. He told this story after he left Molashion in the episode. so, what are you doing? Lots of heads for others for the cameras to see.

The worries NS Alex Bailey Then they talked about the “beyond that” issue on a bed Sufi:

These bedside items were from American Psycho. You know when you arrive… Oh, believe me. Visualize these things in all terms, believe me, from American Psycho.

David But he immediately distanced himself from the words of his companions:

No guys this stuff here no, so you guys are exaggerating. I distance myself.

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