Premiere of the last episode on May 26

Premiere of the last episode on May 26

From investigations into Don Massimo’s mysterious past to the love story between Marco and Valentina: things to know about the final chapter of Ray’s novel 1

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In the early evening of Thursday, May 26, it is broadcast Rai 1 The Grand Final of the thirteenth season of Don Mateo. The final episode of the popular novel was scheduled for June 2, and the final episode of the popular novel was presented for a week, after the double date on May 17 and 29. So here’s everything you need to know about the latest installment in the series.

Don Matteo 13, Final Episode Previews

L ‘finale episode from Don Mateo 13 full of surprises and twists, especially with regard to the new Spoleto parish priest, Don Massimo. After he struggled so hard to be accepted by his parishioners (and Marshal Cecchini) as a substitute for Don Mateoplay the priest Raul Bova It is the focus of an investigation by the Carabinieri led by the captain Anna Oliveri. The latter and her collaborators, in fact, are busy digging into her past to see if she has anything to hide. Also because, before he became a priest, Don Massimo himself was a Carabiniere of the special departments of mysterious past. Despite his initial distrust of the new parish priest, Czech Marshal He realized that now he is in love with Don Massimo, and during all the investigations he showed him himself symbiosis And near you. The Marshal may not have the same bond that he has with Don Mateo, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.

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During the investigation of Don Massimo, new details also emerged regarding his relationship with Don Matteo: when the latter mysteriously disappeared from Spoleto, the only person who knew his whereabouts was the newcomer. So, it’s possible that the past was somehow restricted: All that remains is to see the end of the season to find out the whole truth (and if this opens up the possibility of a comeback Terence Hill).

while, Marco And Valentina They continued to enjoy their love story. In spite of Colonel Anchisky, the girl’s father, did not take the news well, and the two seem to be in love more and more. In fact, the Prime Minister seems to have left his doubts about an affair with a woman much younger than him. Therefore, the bad news for Anna: her chances of getting Marco, whom she still loves, are becoming increasingly limited.

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