October 4, 2022

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Accident in Rome The victim is actress Ludovica Bargillini – Chronicle

She is a Pistoian actress Ludovica Barglini Victim of the accident that occurred tonight around one in Montagnola, at the intersection of Colombo Road and across the Grotta Perfetta. The woman died a few minutes after arriving in a very critical condition at St. Eugenio’s Hospital.

She was driving her Lance Y when she hit a wall, possibly due to drowsiness. The surveys were immediately carried out by the local police in Rome Capitale.

The actress moved to Rome from Tuscany to study fashion at the Center for Experimental Cinematography. In the capital, she also worked as a model, in several productions, in Action Theater with Michael Margotta and Doris Hicks, and also with Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino in 2016 in the TV series ‘The Young Pope’. In addition, several participations in feature films such as “Palato Absolute” by Francesco Valaci and “No Time for Champions” by Andrea Mognini, and some commercials including Campari and Sky -Now Tv, Corriere’s website reported. Della Sera.

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