January 31, 2023

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Electric cars, the 2022 pillar bonus still applies: what it is and when it is due

The bonus for electric vehicle poles is still valid as the capital contribution amounts to 40% of the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of poles and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Let’s see in the next article the cases in which you can access the facility.

The Bonus electric car poles It consists of an incentive provided by the Ministry of Environmental Transformation, which provides for a contribution In the capital account is equal to 40% of the expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of charging stations and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Let’s see in detail what a file is Requirements of applicants and technical features Which columns must contain in order to access the bonus.

Rewarding electric car poles: what they are and their acceptable expenses

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The Bonus electric car pillars Consists of Capital contribution of 40% of expenses incurred To purchase and install charging stations and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Reward, manage and pay InvitaliaIt is awarded according to the following system:

  • In the case of AC charging infrastructures with a capacity of 7.4 kW to 22 kW, the incentives are 2500 EUR per wall box device with only one charging point E 8000 Euro for one shaft with two recharge points;
  • In the case of direct current charging infrastructure, the amounts are 1000 Euro / kW up to 50 kW, 50000 Euro For single shaft over 50 kW €75,000 For a single shaft over 100 kW.
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Questam instead, is a list of types Expenses eligible for the incentive:

  • resources used for Purchase and installation of charging infrastructureincluding the installation of poles, electrical systems, construction works and related and strictly necessary monitoring systems;
  • costs Connection to the electrical network and contact a maximum of 10%;
  • The design costsConstruction management, safety and testing within 10%.

Electric car poles bonus: Requirements

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The professionals Those interested in the incentive must comply with the following Requirements:

  • comply with tax obligations and pay Social Security and Welfare contributions and any refunds of amounts owed for the cancellation of benefits;
  • It has a turnover not less than the value of the freight forwarding infrastructure for which the contribution was requested (the requirement that must appear on the last tax return sent to the Revenue Agency, on line VE50).

The BusinessInstead, to access the procedure they must:

  • be duly registered with the Trade Registry, with Ines, Inail and Ordinary Shareholding position;
  • be domiciled in Italy and be active at the time of application;
  • Not to request other public grants for investments contained in the same MiTE decree.