Pasquino warns Lita: “Points on the big truth” – Chronicle

Pasquino warns Lita: “Points on the big truth” – Chronicle

“In single-member constituencies, real big names are needed. Party faces, leaders, and figures who can mobilize voters even if they’re not from the Democratic Party.” Abstract by Gianfranco Pasquino, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Bologna.

Professor, do we need strong names because the match in Emilia-Romagna isn’t very clear for the center-left after Kalinda’s breakup?

“I have a different opinion of Lita and the local leaders. Important names have been nominated, and we are fighting to win.”

Don’t the candidates trading in Bologna convince you?

“The big names make the difference for the non-regular members. In Bologna they choose it, but I don’t see any of the big names going around…”.

Do you think differently about Bonaccini and Lepore who launched themselves against the hypothesis of big parachutes?

“I’m not saying that big names from other provinces should get here. If Andrea Orlando is a big one, apply in Liguria, not in Parma. Granting the territory a right … but in Bologna, for example, there is Bologna Senior: Pier Ferdinando Cassini. They should re-nominate him, as the President of the Republic was one step away.”

Casini was nominated in 2018 by Renzi. But she’s not from the Democratic Party…

“I repeat: at this point the candidate for the single-member district is of great importance. So is the election campaign.”

Do you think there are contested colleges in Bologna as well?

“I think colleges here are safe. But if the candidate and the campaign are wrong, the opportunity is left to others. It is not enough to put a candidate, you need the best candidate.”

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How heavy is Kalinda’s farewell to the Democratic Party?

“Lita trusts, but Kalinda is unreliable. Secession is a bit negative for everyone, but I think Kalinda votes few. Kalinda is one thing, voters are one thing. We really believe there are voters following him. And who they are, in the face of a good candidate for the Democratic Party or Center left, don’t they vote for the Democrats’ name?

But with this electoral law, division is not paying off.

“What matters in a parliamentary democracy is the electoral law: if there is a good electoral law, a good parliament will be elected, and if it is bad, as for the law of Rosato, Renzi’s man, Italian citizens will elect a bad parliament.”

The third pole with Renzi, Calenda and Pizzarotti can have a certain attraction in the middle…

“Maybe, if it’s 10 percent. But they won’t get to that percentage.”

In the background, Stefano Bonaccini can warm up in light of the Pd conference to come…

“I don’t understand why those who lead the region should run for leadership of the Democratic Party. And I wouldn’t even run for Eli Schlein for politics, given that she is Emilia Romagna’s vice president.”

Rosalba Carpoti

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