Gf Vip 6, a surprise big guest coming home? indiscretion

Gf Vip 6And Alex Bailey will be the last Fibon To cross the red door of residence The most spying in Italy. His comeback has caused an uproar ever since Alfonso Signorini announced this. In fact, Billy will fall within rangeat home after

to Chee’s house But the reporter Gabriel Barbiglia Just gave a scoop! A surprise big guest can enter during the final match!

What if there were other entrances to the GF Vip? As you ask yourself Rosalinda, even the web asks for it and names like mushrooms appear and there are still unconfirmed predictions. However, no one will enter the House of the GF Vip, except for a guest, as a big surprise during the semi-final or final. So the entrances to the Big Brother Vip are closed with Alex Belli officially returning indoors on Monday and it will be a two-week final. It will cover a total of four of the eight lost bets. It will be the last entry plus a surprise guest, but no more can be said for now.

Who can cross the red door during the final on Monday, March 14th?

The increasingly concrete premise is a name known to the general public from Big brother; Barbara Dorso. In fact, the presenter will be present in the studio to promote No bubba and nerdy show Which will be broadcast from 15 March.

there will be dorso So to enter the house or this Gf Vip 6 Will it still have other tempting surprises waiting for us?

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