«In Rsa they reduced him to a skeleton» – Corriere.it

«In Rsa they reduced him to a skeleton» – Corriere.it
From Clarida Salvatore

The complaint comes via Facebook from his trusted doctor, Fulvio Tomaselli, and follows the partner of the actor, who suffers from senile dementia.

The complaint comes from the plaintiff’s doctor Lando Bozanka. He does so with a Facebook post and says: Tragic same shadowcurled up in bed, The skeletonexhausted, greatly Bright. It’s almost impossible, remembering him in his films or while on stage, to believe that these words refer to the actor he was last August. 87 years old. However, his doctor talks about it in those terms Fulvio Tomaselli. I’d like to show you pictures of Lando Bozanca, in the hospital urgently (?) to Gemili Medical Complex From November 8 – continues -. Privacy doesn’t hold me back, but respect for a world-famous Italian icon does. declared “loving care” In hospitalization at Rsa (Health Care Residence, ed.) From December 27, I overwhelmed a man who was walking and talking a year ago.

Falling out of a wheelchair

But, in the more than three hundred days since Buzzanca found “shelter” in the Temple, His condition will deteriorate greatly. I reported this case on August 5, as a trusted doctor – writes Tomaselli -. Now it’s even worse…and the stars…look…under one roof…thanks for the great support…management. From what we learn he will be the actor and leader for more than two weeks He was admitted to the Gemelli Infirmary for Consequences of falling from a wheelchair that have been needed for a long time. After, after He already hit his head was brought hospital to implement each investigations it is necessary.

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Companion: malnutrition and bedsores

To emphasize the whole story – always on social networks – his partner’s explosion also appears Frances de la Valle: 36 years younger than Buzzanca, he was by his side for six years and the marriage fizzled out due to his children’s meddling. The Republic of South Sudan, as Fulvio Tomaselli and I have publicly deplored, destroyed Lando Bozanka in 11 months. Today he rushed to Gemelli, where he was finally cured Malnutrition And the Bed pain. I hope that is not the case Too late! – You also write on Facebook -. Who has the “Jailed“A healthy, strong and free man like Lando enforced Law 6/2004 (ie the rule that introduced the FoundationSupport managemented.).

accusations against children

One Ads (support officer, ed.), in line with the children, with the consent of the guardianship judge – Della Valle then points his finger -, did everything because Lando Buzzanca Didn’t come home. This is a documented fact. Shame rest. The woman’s reference, who has been involved in the past few years with Lando, is the fact that the children have placed a guardian figure on their father’s side because they He suffers from dementia and then Unable to understand and want. During the pandemic, my brother and I turned to the guardianship judge to appoint him a support officer for the estate – in view of his health – his son Massimiliano explained not long ago -. Series of CTU exams Confirm problems with comprehension and ability to rememberDifficulty understanding and remembering. So in mid 2020 a support officer was hired.

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Buzzanca terms

His condition, as far as you know, is not serious Buzzanca is not in danger of life. But it is his age and weight that affect his health General physical condition, in person is no longer clear. also infection who was found upon admission to the hospital, on the mend. to her Resignation was introduced thus. Even if its future location node still needs to be resolved at this point.

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