The almost unimaginable solution that can relieve headaches and fight migraines discovered by science

There is nothing worse than a headache. When a migraine comes on, it becomes impossible to do the simpler things. It becomes impossible to concentrate, reading is torture. We know that even under normal circumstances, stress puts a strain on our memory and ability to focus. Researchers from the prestigious Stanford University (California) have shown that a certain habit prevents us from strengthening our brains.

If you suffer from headaches, the first thing to do is take migraine pills. But there may also be different, more natural solutions.

University College Dublin had discovered a very original way to alleviate and in some cases even get rid of migraine headaches.

Fortunately, not everyone who suffers from headaches suffers from chronic migraines. According to statistics, this disorder, not seriously, affects 12% of the Italian population. Symptoms are usually severe pain on one side of the head that gets worse with movement. Medicine has not yet identified the exact causes of headaches. Doctors believe that stress, sleep problems, physical illnesses, and even medications can trigger migraines.

The almost unimaginable solution that can relieve headaches and fight migraines discovered by science

Those with this chronic disease experience headaches for at least 15 days per month and for at least 3 consecutive months. According to medicine, these cases indicate that the patient suffers from chronic migraines.

The solution to relieving and eliminating pain is triptans. But for those who suffer from headaches, science in recent years has also made progress in the prevention phase.

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the monoclonal antibodies It could be the solution for those who suffer from chronic migraines because they will be able to prevent it. These molecules do not affect the symptoms of the headache, but rather act on the cause.

For those who don’t suffer from chronic migraines and who have occasional headaches, the solution is a pain reliever. But a group of scientists from University College Dublin were going to discover a very original way to get rid of headaches. The team led by Dr. Claire Hollin for Migraine Relief had identified the almost unimaginable solution to listening to a specific piece of music.

The song is entitled “All of us” and was written by the musician Anatole. The researchers played this clip on 286 volunteers with migraines and recorded the effects. Most of these patients felt relaxed and comfortable when they listened to the song. In short, the condition seems necessary, that this song relieved my headache pain.

The solution is almost inconceivable because those who suffer from migraines should rest in a generally quiet and peaceful place. But according to Dr. Howlin, this piece, composed of instrumental, orchestral, and vocal sounds, will create awe in the listener. This effect will have benefits on pain receptors.


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