To become a hostess after the age of fifty? This is possible in the United States. The case of Patrizia Prevosto: “There is no age limit here, there is a different mentality”

As a good European, and even before that as an Italian, she is still amazed by it impossible dream It became a reality abroad. “With us, at the age of 40, I have no hope of even working in the restrooms at the airport.” Imagine that you are contemplating the ability to aspire to the realization of the great dream, which for years has been in the drawer, which is to become hostess over fifty. Patricia ProvostInstead, it worked when I blew out 55 candles on the cake. However, being in United States of America that in spite of all Contradictions The stars and stripes mean skills and preparation are essential for the reward though age limitation Or worse, the lack of high-level acquaintances and friendships.

Italian border and air eventPatricia, married and mother of two children aged 19 and 22, is about to celebrate her third year as an employee at Delta AirlinesThe historian’s tragic finale is also shown in his homeland Alisarda Meridiana It became AirItaly. It is no coincidence that his thoughts went straight to 1322 workers letter recipient the chapter It is cut off from the labor market that considers people over 40 to be too old to hire and too young to retire.

“I have been talking about it with my colleagues, even in the last few hours, and I am very sorry for this story: they are making workers pay Bad choices for CEOs – says over the phone from his house in Virginia, where he will rest for 72 hours after a 6-day flight – I sincerely hope they find a solution. I still feel strongly connected to my land Sardinia I have my original family, and my country, but it pisses me off to see that the mentality and way of judgment are not taken into account you deserve: In the United States there is nothing age limitsIf someone dares to impose it, he is automatically punished because it is equivalent to any other discrimination.”

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Souls win – In some areas, such as yours, higher lifespan is seen as an additional guarantee. “In the sense that for a very young person, it may be ironic to have to take 6 days of continuous flights, take vacations on the plane away from family or to be present, and stay 20 minutes from the airport, because he may call you for a Unplanned ascent And you should be ready to go. Passengers often see only the most “magic” part or those who serve drinks and meals and explain safety regulations, but it is actually a beautiful work, but difficult and full responsible“.

Chosen in 2019 among 200 thousand filtersOnly 3,000 of them made it to the interview for the last test from which new tests came out 1700 employees. Another Sardinian with her was at that time forty-eight. “We met on that occasion and became friends.” Graduated in London, in college ItalianPatrizia is fluent in English, Spanish and German. Before he dressed as Delta, he worked extensively as an Italian teacher for professionals. But this world was still tight on her, and she would reopen the drawer now and then where, since she was a girl, she kept her dream.

“One day, while having breakfast, I told my husband that I wanted a new job. He asked me what I wanted to do and I replied that he knew it very well. We talked about the fact that our children are now grown up and possible attempts to do them, but at that moment I couldn’t find any Showso I thought it would remain a dream.” A few days later, come Facebook social networking site Delta selection news addressed to Bilingual flight attendants. “I qualified and tried with enthusiasm but with little hope. Even today, thinking like an Italian, I wonder if it’s true,” she laughs.

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However, what we cannot even imagine is the reality in the United States: “When I made the choice, there was also a woman 65 years. Then I left, but originally there were no restrictions of any kind. It should be for us too, but I still see a long way to go.” For this reason, although her connection to her homeland is very strong and her children adored Sardinia as much as her, she sees no return in her future.” If I had to do this, I will choose Germany, where I actually lived, because I appreciate the sense of duty and respect for the rules. I would like the principle required to fly an airplane always applied in life: each of us must do what he wants, he needs to body soulOtherwise, you will remain on the ground.”

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