Harry and Meghan Markle’s divorce will end in tears. words that freeze

Harry and Meghan Markle’s divorce will end in tears.  words that freeze

marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle It will be at the end. Three words from the lady accompanying Queen Elizabeth were enough to freeze everyone. The woman said, already in unexpected times, that the story between the Sussexes would be “end crying”.

Three words weigh like rocks and freeze blood now that the prophecy about the end of the marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle is so close. in a matter of weeks, It is rumored that the divorce will be announced in 2023as the astrologer already predicted in 2018 after the wedding.

Harry and Meghan Markle, Only Tears: The Queen’s Waiting Words

Now this new ad is popping up from someone very close to him HarryAnd the Mrs. Susan HusseyLady-Waiting, the late Elizabeth II. The woman in her role at court got to study the dynamics of the royal family closely and pronounced her verdict against Harry and Meghan. Their story is not only meant to go on, but it will end in the worst possible way, with pain, tears and friction.

His exact words were reported by Tom Bower, author Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsor Houses. The writer says that during a dinner with executives of the National Theater they were discussing the possibility of Ms. Markle becoming a patron of the foundation. But Mrs. Susan Hussey notes that Harry has become very serious about the future of the couple after their marriage. And ruled:It will all end in tears. Mark my words.

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The waiting Lady Elizabeth seemed farsighted, given what happened next. Harry became even darker the moment he saw his wife being targeted by the media. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle was caught up in the rigid reality of the palace, thinking she could order everyone with a wand, when instead she was the one who had to be subject to centuries-old rules and traditions. When tensions escalated, the Sussex family’s only solution was to flee to the United States, at the cost of a tear with the royal family that never healed and the Queen’s death appears to have deepened.

Harry and Meghan Markle plan a divorce

In many ways, there is an uneasy feeling within the marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle, even though the pair appear to be very united and harmonious in public. But those who frequent it argue that it is all a facade, as it suits both. On the other hand, Harry and Meghan go down two different paths, each with their own obligations and do not want the other’s interference. Just thinking about the interview Mrs. Markle she has issued to diverse in which she does not want her husband to appear, whose presence he considered “disturbing”.

For his part, Harry appears to be experiencing a disconnect with his past passions and habits. It also seems that in order to write his autobiography, additionalI called his former classmates, which made Megan jealous who will understand From not being able to manipulate her husband anymore according to your taste.

To heighten tensions within the pair, Carlo also appears to be competing from London, William and Kate Middleton. The three are very concerned about the turn events are taking and wish to bring Harry back into the fold by ripping him off from Meghan. Looks like Carlo is inventing A plan to save the son And the keep him away from his wife which proved to be dangerous to the monarchy.

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Harry, babysitting

then there Archie and Lillibet nursery problemHarry and Meghan’s children. Divorce must take place in Great Britain where the children belong to the royal family, to ensure the prince’s exclusive protection for them.

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