Rafael “caution”, Diego gets into an accident …

Rafael “caution”, Diego gets into an accident …

Friday 17 June 2022on me Rai 3And the place in the sun He again proposes a double episode (while the soap will not air on Thursday 16th due to a sporting event). So let’s see what happens as:

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Rafael (Patrizio Rispo) is under increasing pressure from the threats of Lilo Valsano (Gianluca Pugliese) and will now receive a new dire warning.

Filippo (Michelangelo Tommaso) with Serena (Miriam Candoro) reflects on the proposal received by Chiara (Alessandra Massi) for the position of CEO of Petron Group.

Lara (Chiara Conte), taking advantage of the pregnancy, tries more and more to get closer to Roberto (Ricardo Polizzi Carbonelli) to tie him to herself. Ferry, however, only has Marina Giordano (Nina Soldano) in mind.

After a bad Diego (Francesco Vitello) accident, Rafael manages to raise the white flag with the criminals…

Mariella (Antonella Prisco) tries to persuade Cerruti (Cosimo Alberti) to sign up for some fun to forget Bruno (Giovanni Caso), but Cotugno (Walter Melchionda)’s discontent will get in the way.

Alberto Palladini (Maurizio Aiello) learns that Clara (Imma Pirone) no longer intends to take the state exam and will try to persuade her to take it.

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