G7 Summit | Justin Trudeau clarifies his plan to donate the vaccine dose on Sunday

G7 Summit |  Justin Trudeau clarifies his plan to donate the vaccine dose on Sunday

(Corbis Bay) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau awaits the conclusion of an international summit with his G7 colleagues before giving details on how Canada will deliver the 100 million dose vaccine to countries most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19.

Stephanie Taylor
The Canadian Press

Trudeau did not confirm the details of how Canada will help send drugs to many parts of the world, as rich countries are leading the global vaccine campaign.

The Prime Minister of Canada attended a meeting with other leaders on the English coast on Friday to discuss ways out of the COVID-19 epidemic, but did not say how many vaccines his country would give to achieve this.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomes G7 leaders to a three-day summit in the southwestern village of Corbis Bay – currently filled with police and summit officials. Focuses on ending the health crisis, now in its second year.

The UK expects leaders to agree to access the one billion-dollar COVID-19 vaccine through donations and funding to other parts of the world, in the hope that it will accelerate the fight against the virus.

Canada seems to be asking.

In discussing the conversation between MM. Ralph Goodell Trudeau and Johnson, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Canada, confirmed that the country would contribute up to 100 million doses to the global immunization effort.

“It will be cash in some and mixed in others. The full breakdown will be available on Sunday,” said Mr Goodell, a longtime parliamentarian and former minister in the Trudeau government.

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A Canadian government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Canada’s offer included purchases made for others as part of a vaccine-sharing effort.

Bob Ray, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, a former medieval liberal leader, recently highlighted the importance of the Kovacs program before a Senate committee, an attempt designed to provide vaccinations to 92 middle- and low-income countries, and countries with high levels of emergency vaccination, pointing to the catastrophe caused by the spread of the delta.

Canada has already pledged millions of dollars in various programs designed to increase access to vaccines, as well as distribution and distribution.

Last week, Canada announced it was doubling its direct cash donations to Kovacs to buy volume for developing countries, from $ 220 million to $ 440 million.

The Dr Howard Enjo, Canada’s deputy chief health officer, told a Govt-19 conference on Friday that the country can “walk and chew at the same time” as it helps protect its people and vaccinate other countries.

“It simply came to our notice then. Both things happen at the same time, ”he said.

Joel Buckwheat, director of the Federal Distribution Department, added that Canada has 400 million doses of vaccines and vaccine candidates, so the country can share the dose.

“I want to assure you that this will not affect our goal of fully immunizing all Canadians by the end of September,” he said.

The day before the summit, the UK promised to send at least 100 million doses next year, while US President Joe Biden promised to send half a billion.

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France and Germany have pledged at least 30 million units this year. Japan has pledged 30 million doses and Italy 15 million doses.

A smoke screen?

The Dr Seenivas Murthy, a pediatric intensive care specialist from Vancouver, said the focus is on preparing for the epidemic and that the focus on money acts like smoke so as not to share vaccine doses from the country.

“Canada seems to be trying to put a good face on it, which has increased public pressure both domestically and globally,” he said in a recent interview.

“But they choose […] I think sending more money than the amount will not solve the problem in a hurry. ”

The Dr Movie said Kovacs would need more money to buy the dose, but insisted there were no trucks full of sizes waiting for a buyer.

“Obviously, they need more money to buy higher doses from major companies, but this is vaccines, but not money at this stage of the epidemic, they are needed globally.”

Visitors with the Queen

Mr. Trudeau started on Friday not with another G7 leader, but with a virtual audience with Queen Elizabeth.

His first chairman-chairman meeting was with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hosted the summit and said he wanted the three-day rally to make promises on how to end the epidemic by the end of next year.

Photo by Alastair Grant, France-Press Agency

At the G7 summit, Justin Trudeau’s first-in-command meeting (left) with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Pointing to the photographers and reporters, the couple shrugged and Mr. Johnson gave them a thumbs up before their meeting began.

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“The leaders agreed that a comprehensive free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and Canada would open up tremendous opportunities for both our countries.

They discussed a number of foreign policy issues, including China and Iran. The Prime Minister (Johnson) thanked Prime Minister Trudeau for the Canadian leadership in the international response following the crash of the Ukraine International Airlines plane in Tehran last year. ”

After being selected to the White House last fall, Mr. with Joe Biden. Trudeau made his first public appearance, with the leaders all posing for a group photo across a beach.

The two did not talk much to each other while posing for cameras and reporters. Mr. Trudeau was often sidelined, while leaders expressed their public appearances.

They sat together later on Friday to take part in a session focusing on how post-COVID-19 health and economic recovery applies to everyone.

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