Podemos fights back with two MEPs and disagrees with Yolanda Díaz

Podemos fights back with two MEPs and disagrees with Yolanda Díaz

They can He resisted the European elections with two seats. partyIrene Montero She faced these votes as a primary within the Alternative Left party and may continue to face a summer. party Yolanda Diaz It has suffered a major electoral setback: it is the minority partner of the Spanish government and has won only three members of the European Parliament, which could reopen internal tensions with the allies.

Irene Monteiro evaluated the results favorably, but said… Consensus of the war powers They have a very worrying majority, a sign of the unlikely growth of the far right. “They are endangering the political principles that founded Europe, peace, anti-fascism and the prosperity and well-being of peoples. The consensus on war that is leading us to a war we cannot afford must be broken. Our political priority is peace, breaking this grand coalition of war and curbing masculinity and denial,” he said. “The fascists have more Rights.

Montero insisted on the progress of the right and the extreme right This is not good news. “To win on the right, you need a government that governs and faces challenges,” he commented. Montero thanked the armed action and said that the result was a necessary step. Now we come to the responsibility of strengthening the power of peace, ending genocide in Palestine, and advancing rights. The goal is to change everything that needs to be changed, to transform Europe and Spain. “We know that everything costs a lot, but we know better that we do not ask for much and that we deserve everything. He added: “We must develop social power, the power of just and decent things.”

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