United Kingdom: 60% more infected, delta variation continues its rise

United Kingdom: 60% more infected, delta variation continues its rise

London | The delta variant of the corona virus, which now dominates the UK, is 60% more contagious than its predecessors and continues to rise in the country, according to a study released Friday, three days after the government’s decision on the matter was announced. Removing the last restrictions.

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Health Minister Matt Hancock recently noted that the alpha variant is 40% more contagious than the original strain.

According to a study by health officials (Public Health UK), 42,323 cases (29,892 a week ago) were identified in India and are currently detected in about 50 countries in the UK. This represents more than 90% of new events.

After a long lockout and intensive vaccination campaign, the number of cases and hospital admissions in the UK plummeted in the spring, but in seven days the number of cases is now over 60% and the number of patients admitted to the hospital has jumped to over 1,000.

The Public Health UK, however, considers it “encouraging” to note that the improvement in variance is not the same as that of hospitalization. Thousands of patients with the corona virus are currently in British hospitals.

“Data indicate that the vaccination program continues to mitigate the impact of this variation” The number of people receiving the two-dose vaccine is high in the population, which underscores the general structure.

“The vaccine”, “our best defense”, “reduces the risk of serious illness, it does not eliminate it,” said Jenny Harris, director general of the British Health Care Organization.

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In the UK, the National Statistics Office (ONS) estimates that the number of people infected with the corona virus in the week ended June 5 was 96,800, or one in 560.

The most affected European country with nearly 128,000 deaths, the United Kingdom has launched a mass vaccination campaign that has allowed more than 77% of adults to receive at least one dose in six months.

After the winter imprisonment, the government gradually lifted the restrictions, but the removal of the latest measures, originally scheduled for June 21, is threatened by a recent increase in pollution, which exceeds 6,000 or 7,000 new cases a day.

This is especially true of re-opening discotheques, recognizing weddings for people over 30 or just at the bar service and table.

According to the daily The TimesPrime Minister Boris Johnson is now considering postponing the date for four weeks. The announcement of the results is expected on Monday.

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