The choices of Europe made under the dictation of the United States and NATO are real economic suicide

The choices of Europe made under the dictation of the United States and NATO are real economic suicide

It is increasingly clear that we are witnessing a deterioration in the social conditions of the popular classes. First there is one resumption of inflation which mainly affect basic necessities and consumer goods (food, heating, transportation, etc.). This rebound in inflation particularly affects families with lower middle incomes: the employed and the self-employed, the retired, and the unemployed. Faced with this situation, he uses only my bike “spot” measurementsThat does not provide an answer to the problem. His assistant, the head of the Bank of Italy, backs him by saying that he opposes the “price-wage increase” – which translated into Italian means that prices can rise and wages must remain constant – that Italian workers, who are paid with the worst dynamics in Europe, should continue to tighten their belts.

On the contrary, they adjust the return on capital, given that European Central Bank It is already preparing to raise interest rates. In other words, according to Lorcinori, in the face of inflation the wage of labor must fall, and the return on capital must be maintained. The escalator isn’t good for wages but it’s good for capital… as if that wasn’t enough The increase in interest rates It is a typical recessive measure, added to the decisive slowdown in the economic recovery taking real contours. recession. Economic stagnation means less employment. Then we end up inside a nice meat grinder where the popular classes come more poverty Unemployment and instability are on the rise. Faced with this situation, the newspapers say that the war is the fault of the war, explaining that the reason for the outbreak of this war is Putin’s fault.

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It is not so: tragic economic situation And the social situation we are entering is not because of Putin’s war but because of the reaction prepared by the West. First, the sanctions have mainly negative effects on the countries that imposed them, starting with Italy, which had a fair economic exchange with Russia in some important economic sectors. More generally, Europe’s choice to cut off economic exchanges with Russia is a real economic suicide, which makes us even more dependent on the United States: it severely limits our work. Second, NATO’s choice to identify China as a strategic adversary, in addition to Russia, is clearly contributing to the deterioration of relations between Europe and China as well. In this sense, the United States will gain everything and Europe will lose everything. Third, penalties have Negative impact on the global economy And they contribute to the inflation and stagnation I mentioned above.

Fourth, sanctions and the division of the world into two cast a shadow over the fight against war exchange from my brother. Just think about the fact that the replacement of Russian gas in Europe has legitimized the resumption of coal consumption … The real key point is that Europe, following the will of the United States, declared war on itself and that the European peoples are destined to suffer dire consequences. So what we suffer from is not the economic consequences of the war but the consequences of the unfortunate choices made by the West in response to the war. So it is about a radical change in these options to avoid a further deterioration in the living conditions of the European peoples, and because changing these options represents a real contribution to ending the war and determining the settlement.

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it is clear that Supplying arms to Ukraine does not serve to “win” war, but only to make it go on indefinitely. It is increasingly clear that sanctions will not “discourage” Russia, but rather remove the possibility of opening real negotiations that will bring an end to the conflict. The unfortunate choices made by Western countries at the dictates of the United States and NATO are not only useless to “win” the war, but harm the living conditions of popular countries, starting with the Italian and European ones. What is our government waiting for to stop judging against the Italians? What are the anti-war parties waiting for to withdraw the current from this government? The situation would be ironic if it did not become increasingly tragic for the millions of families who have been forced to bear the costs of Draghi’s Atlanticist government on their own. Dragons go home!

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