Immigration is increasing, and the United States is celebrating: that’s why

Immigration is increasing, and the United States is celebrating: that’s why

Immigration has returned to growth in United StateAfter difficult years of the pandemic, with a trend welcomed by financial analysts. In the United States, there are more than 45 million aliens legally residing in the territory, which is a record number in the world, accounting for 13.5% of the population.

It is estimated that the phenomenon of immigration in the United States is increasing after years of decline

To give an idea of ​​the phenomenon: The population of the United States accounts for about 5% of the total world population, but approximately 20% of all immigrants in the world reside in the United States. If immigration is considered a security problem in the Italian political debate, and for Meloni’s government the threat of “ethnic replacement” in Washington, immigration has always been – simply put – the way the United States was born and continues to survive.

Data that encourages the Biden government

In recent years, the country has faced an important problem Labor shortage Especially in some sectors such as trade and tourism. That’s also why he encouraged Biden Public policies to support immigrationhoping to return to pre-pandemic trends.

Unlike Trump, whose policies have reduced the number of refugees, immigrants and international students, a Biden presidency has opened up more legislation to refugees and foreigners.

About 10,400 were admitted to the United States in the last quarter of 2022 refugees An increase of 56% over the previous year. 80% of them come from Congo, Syria, Burma, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Like other economically developed countries, the United States faces the threat of demographic decline, which has always been answered by very careful immigration policies, which tend to encourage “selective migration”, Even if there remain, until today, about 10 million irregular immigrants. Based on the recently released 2021-22 Census data, both natural population growth and immigration have increased by 245,000 and more than 1 million, respectively. So, Most of the increase in population growth in the past year (about 86%) is due to increased immigration. The growth rate of 0.38% in the 2021-22 biennium is still considered among the lowest since 1900. Without immigration, however, the number would have been much more negative. According to a study he cited financial times, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco explained that the decline in the number of immigrants in the United States, due to both Trump’s policies and Covid-19, has fueled Strong tightening of the labor market. The authors found that the decline in immigration since 2017 led to a 5.5 percent increase in the jobless-to-unemployment ratio in the United States. Fortunately, the data is contradictory. The recent rebound in immigration has led to a 6% decline in the same measure. The number of naturalizations has also increased in 2022: more than 900,000 immigrants became US citizens, Among the highest recorded in American history and the highest since 2008. The largest number of immigrants come from Mexico, India, the Philippines and Cuba, while the largest growth in flows has been recorded from Cuba, Jamaica, the Philippines, India and Vietnam. More than 4 million immigrants have entered the United States in the past 36 months, and this trend does not seem to be frightening, but rather to reassure the Biden government.

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