USA, A Comic Record Auction: Spider-Man in Black Attire Sold for $ 3 Million

It is not questionable that he is the most powerful and coveted superhero in the world. An original page of the 1984 comic of the Secret Wars series starring Spider-Man, he is now definitely “richer” since it reached a record $ 3.36 million (2. 2.9 million) at auction in the United States.

On these three panel pages from Mike Jack’s 8th issue of Secret Wars published by Marvel Comics in 1984-85, the superhero wears a black suit for the first time, becoming a symbiote (i.e. an extra parasite. -Terrestre) and giving birth to the terrifying super villain Venom.

“This page cover is the big revelation mentioned! Peter Parker actually got his new elegant black dress,” explains Auction House Heritage Auction.

$ 330,000 was initially paid for the work. But the auction between collectors – apparently the richest – has increased its value tenfold.

The previous record for the original page of an American comic dates from 2014, when The Incredible Hulk’s first appearance, Wolverine, was sold in 1974 for $ 657,250.

During a four-day auction in Dallas, Texas, Heritage Auctions reported that a copy of the first issue of the famous 1938 action comics with the first appearance of Superman sold for $ 3.18 million (, 2,77 million).

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