friendly. Pisa 1-0 Carrara 93′ Lissandro Tramoni

friendly.  Pisa 1-0 Carrara 93′ Lissandro Tramoni

Pisa – the Pisa Sports Club In the first match in the arena in front of his fans, he eventually won the photo against Carrara (1-0). To decide in the last minute of extra time round shot Lisandro Tramoni It is stuffed into the corner to the right of Blev. A victory that rewards the stubbornness of the Nerazzurri who pursued success to the end, showing some difficulties in finishing work, but showing good game texture. There is clearly always a lot of work to be done for Aquilani.

by Antonio Tognoli

first half. Pisa wears the Nerazzurri shirt in front of her fans on the first date, Carrarese wears a white shirt with yellow socks. Just over fifty fans arrived from nearby Carrara. Supporters of the Nerazzurri Curve take to the Lower Tribune for the occasion. Needless to say there is a lot of support though as the match is friendly in nature. Choruses and title songs on their favorites The Smoke Bombs. There is no moment of rest. Pisa shows good formulation. It is always better to start at the bottom. Real shots in the mirror, however, you can’t see any of it. The first of the guests in the 15th minute, with a header from Simiri, which was saved without difficulty by Loria. Pisa’s response was a cross from D’Alessandro who went past Bleve but fell on the crossbar and returned to the field. Nothing actually stays at 0-0. The Tourè does not produce a good restart in the 20-minute peak. Veloso stopped restarting from Carrara with a fault. The host’s free kick has no effect. Kararez threatens forward and wins in four straight corners. In two shots from Alamein, Elans twice engages Loria, who makes two dramatic tackles and on one occasion also assists him with the post on Capello’s finish. Bad news for Aquilani: in the 34th minute Piroatto was forced off after a tackle. In its place comes Jureskin. In the last phase of the first half, the Nerazzurri struggled to find space between Carrara’s defensive shirts. The first break ended goalless two minutes into extra time.

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the other half. At the start of the second half, there were no changes in the Nerazzurri squad. In the 34th minute, Gorskin replaced the injured Piroatto. Pisa dangerous on a Veloso free-kick and deflected left foot from Arena which Belev expects a submissive Torregrosa intervention. Mr. Dal Canto Carrara holds the field well. D’Alessandro remains the most active of the Nerazzurri’s. On a cross from Toure, he controls the ball but his right foot is denied by Carrara’s defense. The first changes came in the 62nd minute: Hermansson, Matteo Tramoni, Moro Liverbe, Toure and Torregrosa were substituted. In the Carrara area instead, there is room for Zanon and Panico instead of Belloni and Simeri, respectively. With the new entrances, Pisa is trying to pick up the pace. Barbieri tries from distance, but the ball ends up high over the bar. There is room for Nagy to replace Veloso. The Nerazzurri tried until the end and crossed in the 93rd minute with a left footed shot from Lisandro Tramoni that went into the right corner of Belev. Pisa wins at the end of the photo and celebrates with her fans.

Pisa – Carys 1-0

Pisa (4-3-3): Lauria. Barbieri (81° Biccineni), Canstrelli, Liverbe (62° Hermanson), Piruato (34° Juriskin); Marin, Touré (62 °), Veloso (73 °, Nagy): Torregrosa (62 ° tramone m), Arena, d’Alessandro (81 ° tramone l.). Vukovich, Terdan, Coppola, Dubicas and Biagini are available. Coach Alberto Aquilani.

Pregnancy (3-5-2): Bleif, Kopolaro, Ilanis, Imperial; Grassini (66° Raimo), Palmieri, Schiavi, Belloni (62′ Zanon), Cicconi; Symere (62° Panic), Capello (77° Opola). Available Tambuchi, Mazzini, Sansaro, Pinto, Cartano, Cementa, Morosini. Flock of Alessandro Dal Canto.

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to rule: Iacobellis of Pisa (Ass. Tosi and Lisi of Florence)

networks93′ Tramoni L (P)

NB: a hot day and the temperature is above 30 degrees. 3-4 corners. Spectators 1688. Rec pt 2′; st 3′.

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