Iliad launches the new show for the month | With this it is impossible to finish Gigas

Iliad launches the new show for the month |  With this it is impossible to finish Gigas

Are you looking for a new mobile offer by any chance? What you currently have does not satisfy you but costs you a fortune? Well fear not, because again Iliad comes to your rescue In this infernal August heat. In fact, the well-known phone company recently announced the arrival of an exciting new offer that will allow you to access it To the many services with which you can always stay in touch and call all your contacts both in Italy and abroad.

The Iliad and Overtures, a new one every month!

Since its arrival in Italy between 2018 and 2019, the Iliad has literally appeared constantly New beneficial offers for customers who are already registered, but also for those who have not been. One of the first so-called “Iliad 50”, which in fact authorized the passage of many users to this launcher. However, this has been discontinued starting in 2021, but despite that, new devices have been launched since then and are more useful than before. Be that way at the time this appeared very comfortablealso because it was allowed to be used 50 GB in 4G, unlimited messages and calls for everyone.

Since then, the range of offerings has grown to extravagant levels, with some even intended for those who travel Abroad and even in Switzerland. It is exactly about 5 GB more in the EU With which it is possible to get 5 GB of additional mobile data in European territories and “5GB in Switzerland” for use in Switzerland. For more information we refer you to our dedicated article. Now, it’s time to talk about Presentation of the Moment: Recently announced Iliad Flash 180.

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Eliad Flash 180, everything you need to know!

The Iliad announces it directly during the day Aug 8thAnd Flash 180 It is the new package that allows access To many benefits for only € 9.99 per month This is only available until until September 14th. First of all there 180 GB of 5G internet connection (From them you can find the article on the topic on this link) which is currently active in 3,000 municipalities throughout Italy and in the largest cities. It can be It is used by a wider range of devices than ever beforeAmong them we have major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and many more. Later it is also included Calls and messages to everyone, both in Italy and abroad.

After that the gods are also included Help Services, and therefore secondary, but still useful in different situations and circumstances. Among them are the following: Answering Machine (at 401), Call Me (if the answering machine is active), Hotspot, Credit Balance Check (toll free number 400), Visual Answering Machine, Call Number Display, Call Waiting (if the number is busy), Control In consumption, block hidden numbers, speed dial, filter calls and SMS and forward them to voicemail abroad. In short, it’s really convenient for € 9.99 per month!

to talk of the activation costsThose who have already subscribed to the Iliad Show and would like to switch to Flash 180 will be able to do so. Either directly in the operator’s stores, or on site As long as they have a show With a lower data package and at an equal or lower price, they will do it for free. On the other hand, those who do not have a contract pay The first “fee” of € 9.99 and also the activation of the new chip at the same price, for a total of about € 20..

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