“Icardi to Real Madrid led by Ancelotti in January”: numbers and an exciting agreement

“Icardi to Real Madrid led by Ancelotti in January”: numbers and an exciting agreement

Mauro’s future Icardi It can have dramatic effects. Various sources in Türkiye In fact, they are talking about an agreement already reached for the transfer of the former striker Inter the real madrid Already in January. This is going to be an exciting negotiation and will reopen the doors of great football for the striker he is currently working for Galatasaray. Taking into account the various injuries and the absence of the real number 9 without looking JoseluLos Blancos were practically closed off to bring Moreto in Santiago Bernabeu With a 6-month loan agreement and a net salary of 8 million.

Icardi, agent’s words

Among other things, since all restrictions related to the transfer market have been lifted, Icardi can also play again Champions League With a team Ancelotti. Elio Letrio has spoken about the Argentine’s possible arrival at Real Madrid on November 25 Pinothe player’s agent, in an interview with Fans: “As of now there is no official offer. Real Madrid did not make any offers for Icardi, but we are speaking with club officials. I can’t say anything else at the momentFurthermore, the agent stated that he would be speaking with a vice president Galatasaray. Mauro, who according to some sources in Turkey would enthusiastically accept the destination, is enjoying an excellent season with his team: he has played 25 matches and scored 17 goals so far.

Türkiye, Icardi wins the title

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