Thiago Motta, Juventus and the announcement date: When will it be official?

Thiago Motta, Juventus and the announcement date: When will it be official?

Relax with family’s Thiago MottaWho is enjoying his vacation with his wife Angela for me The three daughters, Sofia, Larissa and Beatrice, live in the house in Cascais, a coastal town in PortugalIt is familiar to Italians as the place of exile of their last king, Umberto II. After his exploits on the bench BolognaResulting in Champions League (The motorcycle trip from Bologna to Portugal, with a stop there Barcelona), the Italian-Brazilian coach needs to separate and mentally recharge to face the new season, That another leap in quality would lead him to leadership Juventus. Despite the holidays, Thiago Motta remains in daily contact with Juventus director Cristiano Giuntoli to plan transfer moves and summer commitments. There is time to sign: the official announcement is unlikely to arrive this week, and we will probably have to wait until next week.

Thiago Motta, advertising with Juventus

No problem, negotiations have been closed for some time now and Thiago Motta is just waiting for the final draft of the contract he will sign, but Juventus will have to wait for Bologna to announce first the appointment of the new Rossoblu coach and then after that. Make the arrival official Turin Former Bologna coach. Who could even land in the capital of Piedmont at the beginning of July to take a look at its sports center Complete The new Juventus cycle begins in concrete terms with the meeting scheduled around the tenth day, and Thiago Motta will join Juventus for a period of three years (until June 2027) with the option to renew. The salary will be less than Massimiliano’s Allegri: Between the fixed part (about 3.5 million) and the bonus, the Italian-Brazilian coach will reach 5 million per season.

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The contract will exclude the bonuses for his employees, whom Motta never left, that is, his historical collaborators who have already accompanied him in Spezia and then in the extraordinary experience in Bologna, from Hugo’s deputy to the sporting coach Colinette, and from the analysts Colasanti and Garcia to the goalkeepers coached by Dosso Uvo and Lozano.

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