Milan scores the third goal in a row for Jovic against Salernitana

The Serbian inflicted damage on Frosinone, Atalanta and Salernitana. After three months of darkness, he can now become a resource

Luka Jovic has embraced his fate. It took some time – which translated into a loud reprimand, three months of darkness, and laziness that always limited him – but in the end the Serbian rediscovered himself as a decisive person. First Frosinone, goals and assists, and now Salernitana: a powerful left-foot shot into the corner earned the equalizer in the last minute. In between there is also the third blip in the tournament against Atalanta, which is not essential to the result but is useful as a calling card.

New birth

Jovic “on fire” is excellent news for Pioli, who has provoked him on several occasions in recent months. He added: “Luca has quality and talent, but he must take advantage of the concept of strength.” The spark went out one autumn afternoon in Milanello, in the days leading up to the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund. Leaving his sloth in his bag, the Serbian crushed his sloth with his cleats and walked out onto the field with different eyes, hungry, alive, and ready to turn an unfavorable situation around. Against the Germans, he hit the post in fifteen minutes, then started for Fiorentina. Small signs of awakening, pills of such severity that they have been talked about so much. After his first start with Frosinone, he never stopped: he scored the third goal in a row at Arece in the last three matches (at Monza he remained on the bench). Yes, Jovic is reborn. This can change the market scenario. Tipping is not a priority, especially if Luca keeps offering it. The result is all in his favor: three goals in 429 minutes.

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Luca and Zlatan

Jovic scored under the eyes of his idol. Ibrahimovic wore the chancellor's jacket for the first time. He watched the game alongside Forlani and was complaining about the goals his demon had scored, but he must have been happy for the boy who grew up with his poster boy. Luka was born in Bosnia, learned to dribble in a small village and then moved to Belgrade, Serbia. As a child, he would sleep under the stars before training and then try to emulate Zlatan, already popular between Amsterdam and Turin. In 2023, he talked about his reference. Last year he played for Fiorentina and dreamed of shaking hands with them. “One of my role models, also because of his Slavic origins. Zlatan has left an indelible mark on football. At the end of the match I would like to ask him for the shirt.” The problem is at hand now. Ibra will be an added value to the dressing room. He will follow the team at home and abroad. Jovic realized that the only way to survive was to make his mark. As for the third goal in a row, it came against his first idol, ending three negative months. By 20 November, he had kicked only twice. In Aricci it was the most dangerous: three shots on goal in twenty minutes. No one like him. If not for Costil's double tackle, he would have scored twice as well. He will do it again at San Siro.

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