Torino Frosinone 0-0: Final score and highlights

Torino Frosinone 0-0: Final score and highlights
  • 90'+4'

    End of the match: Torino-Frosinone 0-016:54

  • 90'

    4 minutes of added time were given.16:50

  • 88'

    Frosinone substitution: Walid Shadera enters and Marvin Cooney enters.16:48

  • 88'

    Frosinone substitution: Mathias Sule, Reinier Jesus Carvalho comes on.16:48

  • 87'

    Yellow card for Adrian Tamese.16:48

  • 86'

    Second substitution for Torino, with Ivan Ilicic leaving and Matteo Lovato entering.16:46

  • 83'

    Yellow card for Caleb Okolie.16:43

  • 82'

    Substitution for Frosinone, with Luca Mazzitelli leaving and Francesco Gelli entering.16:42

  • 78'

    Substitution in the ranks of Frosinone: Marco Brescianini enters and Demba Sek enters.16:38

  • 76'

    Substitution for Torino, with Mirjim Vojvoda leaving and Valentino Lazaro entering.16:36

  • 71'

    Sule shot but failed to hit the goal defended by Milinković-Savic. However, Frosinone is still dangerous.16:31

  • 67'

    Second substitution for Torino, with David Okereke leaving and Antonio Sanabria entering.16:27

  • 62'

    Yellow card for Carol Linetti.16:26

  • 59'

    A terrible setup error by Rodriguez allowed Chidera to initiate the counterattack: However, midfielder Ciociari was forced to rush in to shoot due to Bellanova's impressive comeback, and Milinkovic did well to clear the corner kick.16:19

  • 57'

    Okereke tried again, especially in the opening minutes of the second half: a long-range shot was blocked by Turati.16:17

  • 53'

    Good plot from Torino, but a very inaccurate pass from Zapata in the finishing area: the give and go is not closed with Okereke and thus a great chance for Granata disappears.16:13

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  • 50'

    Frosinone tries with Valeri: a dangerous cross that Milinkovic pounces on with his fists, avoiding further danger.16:11

  • 46'

    The second half of TURIN-FROSINONE begins!16:05

  • To try and break the deadlock in the match, there could be some changes in the second half: Sanabria is hot in Turin, while among the Frosinone ranks, watch out for Caio Jorge and Cec.15:50

  • The first half wasn't exactly exciting between Torino and Frosinone. Little emotion on both sides, one yellow card (Valeri's card) and only one great chance (Zapata's card, the protagonist who hit a close but high shot). Among the liveliest guests, as usual, is Sulli, in Torino's lively Vlasic.15:49

  • 45'

    The first half of the Torino-Frosinone match has ended!15:48

  • 41'

    Frosinone still dangerous: Sule did well to pass the ball to Lirola, who crossed for the first goal for Chidera, who tried to unsettle Milinkovic with his heels, but he completely controlled the path.15:43

  • 38'

    Good chance for Frosinone as Mazzitelli advances: midfielder Chiocciari finishes the ball with his left foot, but the shot was too slow and central.15:40

  • 34'

    Yellow card for Emmanuel Valery.15:38

  • 32'

    Torino's first great chance reaches Zapata's feet: from a fairly close position, the Colombian striker finishes the first goal in a powerful and surprising way, but misses the target.15:34

  • 29'

    There were 8 total shots taken by both teams in the first 30 minutes, 4 each: none of these shots were on target, however,15:33

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  • 24'

    Long-range shot from Valeri after the Granata defence's refusal: But a Frosinone defender's shot ended wide of the goal.15:26

  • 19'

    After about 20 minutes of play, the team's possession statistics showed a great balance: Torino had a slight lead of 52%.15:23

  • 15'

    Amazing work from Sule: the Argentine talent beats Rodriguez with a moving tunnel and then shoots the ball with his left foot, and the ball ends up wide of the goal, almost touching the post to Milinkovic's right.15:18

  • 10'

    Cross attempt from Bellanova trying to catch Zapata: Romagnoli did a good job of anticipating the Colombian striker and avoiding further risks.15:15

  • 6'

    The first episode for Torino as Linetti finished from a distance: but the pole shot ended outside the goal defended by Turati.15:08

  • 4'

    The first corner kick of the match arrived for Frosinone: but after the corner developed, Vojvoda released the ball without problems.15:06

  • 1'

    The first half of TURIN-FROSINONE begins!16:05

  • Torino won their first two home Serie A matches against Frosinone, who would become the 18th team to lose to Granata in their first three home matches in the competition, the first since Piacenza in 2000.14:23

  • Torino are unbeaten in their five matches against Frosinone in the Italian League, thanks to four wins followed by a draw in the first leg; Among the opponents against which the Granata have never lost, there are only more matches against Mantua (14), Salernitana (8) and Messina (6).14:23

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  • Di Francesco's selections: Brescianini emphasized the attacking midfield to support Sule and Chidera. In the center is Barenechea next to Mazzitelli with Zortea and Valeri on the side aisles. There is Lerola as your arm in your arm.14:23

  • Juric's picks: Sanabria was surprisingly left out, and Okereke takes his place alongside Zapata, supported by Vlasic. In midfield, Linetti, Ilić support Belanova and Vojvoda.14:21

  • Pancina Frosinone: Fratali, Cerofolini, Baez, Cec, Caio Giorgio, Kone, Reinier, Gilly, Garitano, Kvernadze, Ibrahimovic, Gidgemis, Monterrey, Mathieu Henrique.14:20

  • Torino bench: Gemelo, Buba, Masina, Lovato, Sanabria, Capic, Lazaro, Silva, Semaglilicella.14:19

  • Frosinone formation (3-4-2-1): Turati – Lirola, Romagnoli, Ocoli – Zortia, Mazzitelli, Barenecchia, Valeri – Solet, Brescianini – Chidera.14:18

  • Torino lineup (3-4-2-1): Milinković-Savic – Tamiz, Bongiorno, Rodriguez – Bellanova, Linetti, Ilić, Vojvoda – Vlasic, Okereke; Zapata. 14:17

  • Torino emerged from a goalless draw with Juventus, while Frosinone emerged from a 2-2 draw with Napoli.14:15

  • Welcome to the live match of round 33 of the Italian League, where Torino and Frosinone face each other.14:14

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Olimpico Grande Torino
    City: Turin
    Capacity: 27,958 spectators14:14

    Olimpico Grande TorinoFonti: Getty Images
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