Flavio Encina rebelled against his program – Libero Quotidiano

Flavio Encina rebelled against his program – Libero Quotidiano

strong feelings ingeneticsRai1 hosted the standby contest Flavio Encina. Contestant Claudia, the world champion, loses in the most painful and ridiculous way. When she reaches the last step of the game, she can get a huge variety of prizes €37,500. Between it and the nest egg are the five key words: “animal”, “work”, “signature”, “lunch” and “politics”. Seconds pass, Claudia ponders what the correct answer might be, the word that can be matched with all five keys carelessly. Written on the card is the word “Digital‘, but after the bell has direct lighting and signals for a different light and delivers it to Insinna.

“I have No hope of winning Because I realized that the correct answer was socialThe host listens, nods his head in the affirmative and affirms: ‘I think it’s the right choice too.’ “At this point comes the authors’ verdict: the answer is actually ‘social,’” Insinna explains by connecting it to five clues. “You’ll try again tomorrow night, perhaps with a few more seconds Available, we say this to the notary“.

The words that gave way to dozens of comments on Twitter among viewers who like to meet every evening, before dinner, in the “virtual” social tape to comment in real time on the jokes of the presenter, the mistakes of the most unprepared competitors and companies of the best companies (which is not always, which is exciting Controversy daily, you may become heroes Because they are punished with the most difficult questions The authors chose them). To them, too, who are often very venomous and “conspiracy theorists,” Ensina dedicates his last salutation: “We will never stop thanking you for the affection you show us.”

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