Enrico Bregnano ends up in court over unpaid car: ridiculous case details

Enrico Bregnano ends up in court over unpaid car: ridiculous case details

Enrico Bregnano tells of one of his adventures. This time, even if everyone listens to the famous comedian, he is speaking not in the theater but in Prato’s courtroom, on the second floor of the building to be exact. His audience consists not of armed spectators but of lawyers and honorary judge who have absolutely no intention of laughing. Likewise, the actor does not present himself with the usual fun that characterizes him, but speaks from the platform of the alleged victims. “I was cheated and ended up in an annoying and expensive relationship”, announced inside and outside the classroom. The actor claims a very significant figure: more than 20 thousand euros. This is the money that Giuseppe Caroli, a businessman of vintage cars and owner of a car showroom in Montemorlo, had to pay, according to previously stipulated agreements.

Artistic godson of Gigi Prueti met Karolyi during an exhibition in Padua. Here, the two entered into a sale agreement: Bregnano would have sold his Fiat 500 barchetta Azzurra, a vintage cabriolet, for €30,000. Nevertheless, Montemorelesi had deceived him beautifully. “The work of justice baffles me, there are too long times. maybe it – Enrico says talking about alleged fraudster Giuseppe – He thought he made a deal because first versions of that car could cost up to 100,000 euros, but we both agreed on 30. He paid me 7,000 euros at first, but then never heard of again”, explains. As soon as he left the legal halls, the Romanian comedian also said that he went to Montemorlo to collect the lost money directly, a year later, by personally going to the entrepreneur’s auto showroom.

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Here he put Karoly before a special agreement according to which he was given a discount of one thousand euros on the credit to be received. The dealer signed the card but kept failing to pay his debts which is why Bregnano ended up in court. During the hearing a few days ago, several witnesses recounted the comedian’s adventure from their point of view. On his part, he affirms: “It’s the first time something like this has happened to me, it was a car that I was really interested in, which I also used in one of my shows, I think the value he sold for also included these details”. In fact, the car was already sold for an amount higher than what Caroli owes Brennano: 40 thousand euros. “Obviously, when a car is owned by a famous person, from the entertainment world, it acquires additional value”The indignant actor admits. The next court hearing is scheduled for June 1.

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