A Fashionable Day by Michelle Hunziker: Watch Where to Go Shopping

A Fashionable Day by Michelle Hunziker: Watch Where to Go Shopping

A day of work (but also a little fun) Michelle Hunziker. The presenter spent several hours in Milan’s boutique Giorgio Armani. According to rumors, he was there to do a clothing fitting for a new project. Nothing has been seen of the test models but the paparazzi still snapped many pictures of the Swiss star.

in stores

Michelle Hunziker shops at the Armani store in Milan
Michelle from Armani

Michelle Hunziker She arrived smiling and sunny as always at the Re Giorgio boutique in Milan. Her casual look is chic, with an oversized gray coat, beige shorts and a white sweater with Christmas-inspired workmanship. Accompanied by two assistants, she spent a few minutes outside the store before going inside to try on a long line of clothes. He had so much to revise that he decided to split the composition into two parts, and allow himself to have lunch together. In the store, Michelle spared herself no small talk and courtesy with the shop assistants, evidently also browsing the enormous accessories on display on the shelves. Just work or even a little healthy shopping?

King George on important occasions

Michelle Hunziker shops at the Armani store in Milan
The return of the jersey dress

Now we know the group Michelle Hunziker And the Giorgio Armani It works great. She has always turned to the Italian designer for the most important dresses, the ones that have marked her career in showbiz. In February 2022 it was the same Hunziker to detect followers Being busy at a Giorgio Armani fashion rehearsal means something important is about to happen to me at work. Then it was the project Michelle is impossible, the show where he relived all the important moments in his career. Some of the clothes worn were the same Hunziker wore in 2007 at the Ariston Hotel, on the occasion of her premiere. San Remo Festival.


Tommaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker Selfie Summer 2021
Michelle and Thomas

But not only there Giorgio Armani for Michelle Hunziker. Indeed, in the life of the star of the small screen there are also … Trussardi. But here we are on another level with it Tommaso Trussardi As I got married. At the beginning of 2022 Michelle and Tommaso We have announced their separation, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans who wished to see them together forever. Now, 11 months after saying goodbye, the two have found each other. Although there are only stolen photos and a few fortune-telling selfies, there are no longer any doubts about the emergence of love. More confirmation? in store from ArmaniMichelle carried a white bag over her shoulder TrussardiAnd the Like he did a few days ago Aurora RamazzottiHunziker’s daughter. When fashion speaks…!

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