Terra Amara and Un Altro Domani are not broadcast on April 10, 2023. That’s why and when they will return to Canale 5

Terra Amara and Un Altro Domani are not broadcast on April 10, 2023. That’s why and when they will return to Canale 5

Small stop to Terra Amara and Un Altro Domani on Easter Monday.

The usual dates with Terra Amara and Un Altro Domani were skipped Easter Monday: tomorrowAnd Monday, April 10, 2023the protagonists of these two successful soaps won’t keep us company for an afternoon on Canale 5. Here when they returnAnd Where did we stay? And What will happen

Amara Earth and Another Villain will not air on April 10, 2023

tomorrowAnd Monday, April 10, 2023on the occasion of Easter, “Terra Amara” and “Altro Domani” will not be broadcast. They jump Regular appointments with Turkish and Spanish series. In their place are two films: a drama, Adeline, and a romantic comedy, Rosamund Belcher: An Encounter with the Past. but, regular broadcast Terra Amara and another tomorrow It will resume regularly as soon as the day after tomorrow, Tuesday 11th April 2023.

Amara Land: Where are we and what will happen next?

In the Sunday April 9 episodeAnd Cetin, who is madly in love with Gulten, continues to woo her, hoping you will understand that he has serious intentions. However, Golten continues to refuse him. while, Vadik had a bad home accident: while lighting a fire in the outer furnace, He burns his arm. Later, Cukurova was shocked He published a picture of Hanker with Fakili in the newspaper. Furthermore, the article mentions a love affair between the two. Instead, in the episode that airs on Tuesday, April 11th, we’ll see that yet Publication of the news of Hanker and Feqili’s relationshipAnd Demirdisappointed and angry, will make a drastic decision: He is going to kick his mother out of the estateHe asks her to go and stay with her lover. Hunkershock, She will begin to wonder who could have done such an injustice to herAnd in the end he will think that there is a hand speech. while, All Cukurova will do nothing but talk about this relationship Secrecy The rumor will reach my ears

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Another Tomorrow: Where Are We and What Next?

In the Episode on Friday, April 7thAnd The investigation into Alicia’s death is still ongoingAnd Linda finds the book “Discord”. Then the young lady He wants to hand it over to the inspector As a guide, but so be it Ines that Angel tries to dissuade her. while, Carmen wants to speed up operations to allow Victor to escape. Venturainstead of, He discovers that his wife has a checkbook, and he is increasingly certain that Acevedo is helping her son. Instead, in The episode that will air on Tuesday, April 11thwe’ll see that Carmen will confront FranciscoAnd finally He will find the courage to ask him for a loan. the guy He will hand over the money to Kyrosfrom In turn, he is going to hand it over to smuggler Ernesto. Everything will be ready for Victor’s escapeWithout meeting the Colonial Guard or Ventura’s Followers: Fake Maps, Itineraries, and Documents…

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