“ATM out of use? Soon our checking account…” – Libero Quotidiano

“ATM out of use? Soon our checking account…” – Libero Quotidiano

Yesterday, Friday 15 April, during the morning for a few hours all over Italy they were recorded Deep imbalances in ATMs: unable to pay. A strange case, with few precedents, immediately made us think of the hands of pirates, possibly Russians. Not at all, at least according to Nexi, the group that runs the circuit: a technical problem that was later resolved.

But doubts remain. And among those who sow these doubts, for example, there are Diego Fusaro. Who casts his doubts on Twitter: “ATMs are closed. Temporary mistake or part of the new normal for the controlling company? Financial capitalism aspires to abolish cash, so that money is managed only by banks and accounts like social accounts can be banned,” concludes the vague and shocking tweet a little.

also Georgia Meloni He commented on the story, certainly from a different point of view, but asked himself some important questions. “The imposition of electronic money is a gift to banks, cash knows no obfuscation,” stressed the leader of the brothers in Italy, returning to criticize the new cap on the use of cash.

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