Fatal penalties, the Bianconeri come out with their heads held high

Fatal penalties, the Bianconeri come out with their heads held high

Juventus challenge Benfica in the Youth League semi-finals: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, score and live news

there Juventus Primavera He comes out with a very high head from the youth league. It’s the end of an extraordinary journey that leaves the feeling, now a true certainty, of being able to truly play it with everyone.

Juventus Benfica Primavera 2-2: summary and slow motion

1 ‘Start whistle – The Neon Challenge has begun!

3 ‘Benfica advances – A foul on the edge of the penalty area by Meriti, who recovers the ball from Ndour. The ball, which is then passed at Neto’s feet, which displaces Senku with a precise right.

7 ‘Nitu’s Shot The Benfica midfielder is still dangerous with a shot from inside the penalty area. High ball over the bar.

8 ′ Juve reaction – Good idea from Chibozo, who does the whole field ball, chain and Soulè dump. The Argentine is leaning towards Meriti, whose shot towards the goal is weak.

10 ‘Benfica doubles – Powerful and accurate right by Semedo. Nothing Cinco does: the Bianconeri fell 0-2 after just 10 minutes.

15 ‘Benfica is dangerous – Accelerate the ball and moreira chain, Juventus Primavera remove the threat.

19 ‘Juve’s ring – Team Bonatti rests well with Meretti who rewards Ealing’s interference. The England winger, however, is not as accurate in his cross pass, with the ball coming out at the bottom.

22 ‘Benfica close to the trio – Moreira is doing everything right, sowing panic in Juve’s defense but is unable to find the face of the goal at the moment of the shot. Juventus saved.

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23 ′ Shooting Soulè Magical for the Argentine player, as the ball flew over the crossbar defended by Soares.

26′ Jevsenak header The Benfica midfielder breaks higher than everyone else but does not find the door to developing corner kicks.

27′ chibuzu cross – Sasata Juventus 17 player with the ball printed on wood. Juventus Primavera is growing…

31′ Sprint Moreira – Lusitanian 11 creates panic on the left wing and tries to cross but his proposal ends below.

32′ Moreira injury – On the occasion of the cross, the Benfica striker injured his knee: the intervention of the medical staff is necessary.

33 ‘Shibuzu again The Juventus striker starts on his own and ends with his left hand from a tight angle. The ball is out of the net.

35′ Red Force – The vile entry of the Benfica goalkeeper into Malazy, who was also exiting. I kick in the face of Mulaze who wakes up without problems.

37 ‘Gomez enters – Castro decides to call up striker Semedo to include the second goalkeeper, Gomez.

41 Mahramovic’s shot – Conclusion from a distance by central defense Para Gomez.

45′ recovery – Give three minutes of overtime.

45′ + 3 slots The difference in rest after the first fracture.

46′ SECOND HALF The second half of the match begins. The first change between the Bianconeri: Entering Torico to make room for him is Savona.

50′ Silva touches his hands The Bianconeri returned a handball in the penalty area by Silva in Elling’s attempt. For a race director, the arm is attached to the body.

51′ main chibuzu – The Bianconeri narrows the difference with a superb goal from Chibuzu. 17 bianconero controls and effects and also thanks to a slight keel skew, beats Gomes.

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57′ shot de Winter – He tries to overturn Juventus from afar, and Gomes extends a corner kick.

59 Santos epilogue The attacking winger from Benfica tries a nice shot from his left hand. The ball pops out a little.

61 ‘Benfica is dangerous – Thriller for the Bianconeri, as Pedro Santos almost mocked Cinco.

64- Mahramovic is trying Another conclusion from a distance of 13 for Juventus. The body is back and the ball is definitely down.

66 ‘Second change – Another switch between black and white ranks. He called up Maharamovic to the bench, and his place for Juventus gave him a superb attack.

say 68 The Argentine tries to take a free kick against Benfica’s wall.

73′ hollow charts – Another masterpiece from Juventus, which with Turicchia found the winning clip: Gomez was defeated, all equal to Neon.

77 Gomez problems too Injury to the second Benfica goalkeeper: the intervention of the medical staff is necessary.

82′ Sprint Hasa Juventus 7 fell in the penalty area. For the race director it is a warning to Al-Ahsa itself, it is a simulation. This appears to be true.

85′ inside Cerri – Bonatti plays the Siri card in this final match. To make room for him is Bonetti.

87′ out of Turkey – Turkey came off the field exhausted, in his place my soul.

90′ rebound – We’ll play for another four minutes.

90′ + 4 halftime The penalty shootout will be a decree for the first candidate for the final.

Penalty kicks

i want B: goal – 0-1

Ealing (J): goal – 1-1

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Silva (B): Objective – 1-2

Merity (J): Target – 2-2

Nuno Felix (B): Pole – 2-2

Turkish language (J): Saved – 2-2

neto (B): Objective – 2-3

hasa (J): Goal – 3-3

Felix (B): Objective – 3-4

Soleil (J): Saved – 3-4

Here the challenge ends: Benfica goes to the final

Best of the match Juventus: Shibuzu report cards

Juve Benfica Primavera 2-2: score and match report

Networks: 3′ Neto, 10′ Semedo, 51′ Chibozo, 73′ Turicchia

Juventus (4-4-2): Senko; Savona (46 minutes), De Winter, Moharmovic (66 minutes), Torricia (87 spiritual); Mullazzi, Bonetti (85′ Siri), Meretti, Ealing; Shibuzu, Sulli. Attached. Bonati. Available. Scalia, Nzuangu, Sekularak.

Benfica (4-3-3): Soares; Rodrigues, Silva; Araujo, Tommy; Netto, Jevsinac (84′ Marquis), N’Dor (89′ Felix); Moreira (89 degrees Resende), Semedo (37 degrees Gomez), Santos (84 degrees Nuno Felix). Attached. Castro. Available. Ferreira, Djo.

to rule: Allard Lindhout (NED)

ammonites: 45 Merity

Disqualified: 35 Soares

Juventus Benfica Primavera: before the match

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