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Thank you all for joining us during this live show, and we wish you a good continuation of the evening on OA Sport.

20.30 Italy come home from this World Cup final with Aziz Abbas Mohieldin’s silver among the best players and the bronze from Salvatore Cavallaro in the middleweight. World Championship medals were missing from 2013. Italian boxing is slowly recovering.

20.28 Blue was really cool. In our opinion, he dominated the first round, conditioned in the final by an involuntary header of a Cuban who opened a wound in the forehead of our standard-bearer. Muhyiddin deserved a sacred 5-0 in that round, but unfortunately the judges gave the Caribbean 3-2. La Cruz deservedly won the second part, doing very little objectively to win his fifth world title of his career (4 among the light heavyweights).

20.27 Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz Peraza crowned the World Heavyweight Championship by a split decision: 4-1 (four 29-28, 28-29) in favor of the Caribbean. Our dear Abbas Mohieldin had to be satisfied with the silver medal.

3′ big applause for Aziz who showed a great heart in the last 60 seconds and wanted to give us a try. Cruz was in a state of apnea, and she was also very tactically connected. The gold won’t make it to Italy, but our heavyweight was really commendable and deserved more.

2′ Aziz knows he’s going to have to look for the knockout punch and he’s definitely not obedient. He throws himself into the Caribbean, puts a cute hook in his face and forces the opponent into the ropes, but it seems that it is not enough …

1′ Mohieldin insists at close range and turns his gentle left foot and hits the opponent’s face on several occasions. Cruz isn’t smart, but she jumps and runs. You don’t fight like that, but for now he’s right…

The second round. Cruz won for all five judges (10-9) and won the match, unless Muhyiddin found the knockout in the third round…

3′ Aziz doesn’t give up, tries convincingly, and really puts cuteness in the face. Cuban hands trapped, it’s out of reach. Recovery in favor of Cuban but let’s see…

2′ starts again, the two interchange from a short distance in a pretty balanced way.

2 Unfortunately dear is bleeding. The match stopped. Blue goes to the neutral corner for a check-up.

1′ La Cruz dominates the track and is trying to confirm her technical competence. Aziz seems to have suffered that header, but he’s still pretty good at hunting down the target using his left.

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The second round begins.

first round. Three judges favor Cuban (10-9), and the other two award blue (10-9). Certainly questionable judgment.

3′ Aziz treated, but apparently the last twenty seconds are all Cuban. Blue color affected the head! It did not take. In our opinion, she was in control.

3′ NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Compulsory lacrosse head! Hit Aziz’s forehead that bleed!

3′ La Cruz isn’t cool and starts to relate.

2, Cruz tries to find a hole to hit the blue object, but falls a little short. The Cuban suffers a little and drowns Aziz with a nice right, then again with arrogance and seems to hurt his opponent.

1, begins with the study phase. Aziz doesn’t hold back and tries to put right up against La Cruz, good at dribbling. Cuban responded with the left, but in an unconvincing manner.

20.13 starts! dear strength.

20.11 La Cruz in red, Aziz in blue. Boxers in the ring, here we go.

20.09 Italy is upset about Aziz Abbas Mohieldin and dreams of the magic of life. The last gold dates back to 2013 with Clemente Russo, who has always been among the heavyweights.

20.07 The boxers were announced with great fanfare by creator David Diamante, the brilliant international spokesperson for professional boxing.

20.05 Here we go! long last. Now it’s time for the heavyweight final.

20.02 Ukrainian gold medalist Yuri Zakharyev. Now play the Ukrainian anthem. Then comes Mohieldin’s turn.

20.00 Back at Stark Arena. The first 71 kg awards ceremony…

19.58 Now we are! Finally, the max weight final. Aziz Abbas Mohieldin is ready.

19.56 The Cuban anthem is played.

19.54 went to Cuba’s Cruz Gomez, silver for Turkey’s Ozman, and bronzes for Scots Lynch and Armenian Pashkov.

19.53 The Lightweight Awards Ceremony begins.

19.50 So we will have to wait a little longer before the heavyweight final with Aziz Abbas Mohieldin. They are creating anticipation at Stark Arena in Belgrade…

19.49 First, though, there’s the lightweight award ceremony.

19.47 Now it’s all with Aziz Abbas Mohi El Din! Blue is about to enter the ring!

19.45 American Robbie Gonzalez won by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28 with advantage, 28-29, 28-29). Belarusian Alfiorao made his opponent count twice, but that was not enough to secure the gold medal. The whistles are bordered by the stands.

19.44 The match between Alfioro and Gonzalez is over. We are waiting for the judge and then it’s time for the blue color for the heavyweight final (92 kg).

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19.42 The second recovery of Alfioro-Gonzalez has just ended. At the end of this meeting will come the turn of Aziz Mohieldin. There will be about ten minutes to go.

19.41 The Cuban is clearly a favourite, but our standard-bearer will strive to get life done. It will take precision and power in his shots, trying to contain the technical edge of the expert contender, in the final fifth world championship of his career (but first among the best).

19.40 Mohieldin is distinguished by technical sagacity, tactical acumen, leg speed, shooting accuracy and boxing control. Cruz boxes, they’re fast, they have great times, they’re fast and accurate.

19.39 The Solofra native (in Avellino County) boasts an amateur record with 77 wins and 16 defeats (plus a draw, among others on his debut on July 28, 2012) and is followed by professors Emanuel Renzini and Gennaro Mova (who is also his uncle) .

19.38 Campania put Italy back on the world podium eight years after the last time (along with Salvatore Cavallarro, bronze medalist) and now dreams of a coup that will make him an athletic immortal, just as Clemente Rosso did in the same weight class in 2013.

19.37 This is the path of Aziz Muhyiddin in the World Cup: Armenian Narek Manasian, fearsome Croat Tony Felipe, Ecuadorean Julio Castillo (silver champion in 2019), deceived Indian Sangeet Sangeet and, most of all, Spaniard Emmanuel Reyes Bla.

19.35 Julio Cesar La Cruz Peraza (who we will simply call Julio La Cruz) is 32 years old and he is Cuban. Perhaps we are talking about the strongest amateur boxer considering all categories: the Olympic champion among the extremes in Tokyo 2020 and among the light heavyweights at Rio 2016, the four-time world champion in a row among the light heavyweights (2011-2017). The last defeat in the semi-finals of the World Championship 2019, when he was still among the cruisers.

19.34 Aziz Abbas Mohieldin, 23 years old, from Campania. In his career, he won the gold medal in the Mediterranean Games and in the European Championships also in 2018. In the 2019 World Cup he was eliminated on his debut.

19.32 The match before the match of our blue team is about to start, which is the match between Belarusian Alexei Alfiorao and American Robbie Gonzalez (80 kg final). So in about twenty minutes it will be Blue’s turn to search for this achievement at the Stark Arena in Belgrade (Serbia).

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19.30 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE Written by Aziz Abbas Mohieldin vs Julio Cesar La Cruz Peraza, World Boxing Final 2021 For weight class up to 92 kg.

Match ShowMuhyiddin Prize Baraka: How Much Did Blue Earn?

Good evening and welcome to a live broadcast by Aziz Abbas Mohieldin vs Julio Cesar La Cruz Peraza, 2021 World Boxing Cup Final For weight class up to 92 kg. Italy stresses about its maximum weight, who dreams of making a fuss at the Stark Arena in Belgrade (Serbia): around 19.30 he will be called Facing the very strong CubanHe’s probably the best amateur boxer to consider in all categories. The blue is after the company and will look for the mammoth who pledges to crown the world championship, eight years after what Clemente Russo did, always among the best.

The 23 years old from Campania He already took the silver, but now he’s going to try to climb a real mountain. The policeman will have to face a real giant, which is Tokyo Olympics 2020 champion Among the heavyweights that simply boast a creeping palm: Two golds with five circles (Between the light heavyweight at Rio 2016 and one of the highest levels just three months ago) And four world titles (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 always among the light heavyweights). Cuban brags even 254 career victories to 22 defeats, the last of which matured on September 20, 2019 when he lost to Kazakh Bekzad Nodaolitov in the World Cup semi-finals (at that time he was still among the light heavyweights).

Aziz Abbas Mohieldin will have to try to exploit his speed and accuracy in strikes against an opponent who has no obvious weaknesses, a formidable agility and capable of boxing, the undisputed ruler who seems unscratchable. OA Sport brings you Abbas Mohieldin vs Julio Cesar La Cruz Perazza, the 2021 World Boxing Cup Final. For heavyweights: Log events in real time, minute by minute, round by round, so you don’t really miss a thing. This is the sixth match in the tournament scheduled from 18.00, and it will start around 19.30. I listen.

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