UFC, Cannonier’s Marvin Vettori loses: defeat by unanimous decision

UFC, Cannonier’s Marvin Vettori loses: defeat by unanimous decision

The Mezzocorona fighter started as the best in Las Vegas, but suffers from the opponent’s initiative for 5 rounds and loses by unanimous decision

A nasty setback for Marvin Vettori, who lost in Las Vegas to Jared Cannonier in the main event of UFC Fight Night at the end of five rounds in which he gave no impression he could win. He fought, yes, he took many blows that would have knocked down a bull bison, he never gave up and finished the fight on his feet confirming his reputation as a tough fighter to beat. But he lacked initiative, speed, hitting and offensive interpretation, which could only worry the former mechanic from Arizona. He struggled and continued to struggle without being able to turn the stalemate in the match around. Two years ago, Vettori fought for the middleweight title against Adesanya: since then he has had two wins (Costa and Dulidisi) and three losses, two of which are expected (Adesanya and Whittaker) and one, this one, is unexpected. Canonnier started out as an underdog, won and is now likely to jump ahead of the loser in the rankings. For Marvin, there is now nothing but reboot.

the meeting

The match is heavy and boxy, and Cannonier immediately shows that he is faster and fitter than usual. Shorting tries to find the knockout, Vittori reads it and tries to counterattack. Against Dolidze, Marvin had initiative and a variety of attacking solutions, he looked more playful, this time instead he is wait and see and this puts the opponent in confidence. Cannonier takes off like a rocket in the second round, pushes Vittori into the wall and hits him with precise and powerful combinations: the Italian does not go down, but the wound opens up on his face and he suffers, which rarely happens in the UFC. He was seen to collect a lot (90 rounds) with no reaction. In the corner they give him a good scolding, but Marvin can never find the right key to turn the match around. Sometimes he tries to switch the contest from hitting to fighting but the other one gets away with it easily. As the minutes go by the intensity drops and helps Cannonier who has already hit a lot of right card shots and on the other hand has nothing to worry about. Vittori will need to pick up the pace, take risks, and find the key to scratch each other’s guard, but nothing. In fact, Kanonair takes him to the ground and starts pounding again. When the bell rings at the end of the fifth round, Cannonier will have broken the record for significant shots in the middleweight division. Vettori didn’t fall as he expected, but even if he was unanimous he beat him.

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