In Gstaad, Norwegian wins comeback –

In Gstaad, Norwegian wins comeback –
From Marco Calabresi and the sports editorial staff

For the ninth Rode title in his career and third this season after Buenos Aires and Geneva. Berrettini interrupts a streak of 12 consecutive victories

2:25 PM – Commentary

(Marco Calabresi) Matthew Beretini, This time, he saw the cup raised for the opponent. After successes in Stuttgart and at Queen’s Stadium on grass, the Romanian failed to achieve a hat-trick on clay: Norway’s Casper Ruud won the ATP 250 race in Gstaad, at the end of a battle that lasted 2 hours 36 minutes and ended. 4-6 7-6 6-2. Mathieu won the first set, but after losing the tiebreak in the second set, he fell physically, and thus, with a serve and forehand that propelled him to the final. Thus, Ruud won his ninth title in his football career, eighth on clay but above all second in a row in Gstaad, where Berrettini triumphed in 2018. For Mathieu, who lost after 12 successive successes – he hasn’t left a game since March, since the eighth . In Indian Wells against Kecmanovic – another championship in a mountain resort: from Gstaad he will move to Kitzbuehel, Austria, where he will be seed 2, with Ruud himself in 1.

The higher ground, thin air and higher-than-normal bouncing of the ball led to the game being played with long pools from the baseline. The fifth match was good in the break that Berrettini brought with him to the end of the set. The first breaking point, Matteo put it in a straight line; On the other hand, the second resulted in a foul on Rod’s part in the same blow. In the next match, the blue with two serious fouls received two balls from the counter-break which then became three balls, the Norwegian’s break also arrived, only to check the signal of the ball that actually bounced. In the tenth game, a long forehand from Roode delivered the first set into Mathieu’s hand.

Berrettini, in the third game of the second set, also had two chances to advance through a break: the first escaped with a wide backhand, and the second with a long defense with the same shot. Mathieu, in six rounds of service, lost only two points; After a 5-4 ball that would have sent him serving the title was called off, he instead lost three points on his serve in the tiebreak, which also started before two forehand faults and a short foul sent Rod on 1.5 and then he closes 7-4 .

In the third, a forehand left Mathieu who, thanks to growing fatigue (it was the first tournament to be played after Covid), struggled with his favorite shot. He eliminated three stops in the first game (Forza screaming to be charged), but did not do the same in the third, with Rudd in the fifth inning 40-15 under the climb to take the double break, still arriving with a forehand fault Brittney. Mathieu held his serve for the first time in the third set without conceding break points, but Ruud closed at the first useful opportunity. Pity.

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14:19 – Regret Berrettini

As for Mathieu, in the first tournament after the mandatory break because he was Covid positive, he regrets losing three break points in the second set, one of which was 4-4 which would have led him to serve in the match.

14:14 – Vince Rudd 4-6, 7-6 (4), 6-2

Casper Rudd finishes 6-2 in the third set. Mathieu in the third set without energy he wasn’t able to resist much. The Norwegian’s ninth career title, and third after Buenos Aires and Geneva this season.

2:09 PM – 5-2 Road

Berrettini interrupted Norway’s streak for five consecutive games, dropping 2-5 in the third set. Now rod on the tape to close the game.

14:04 – 5-1 Rod

Rod holds at the age of 15, without getting tired. Britney ran out of energy. He is now in the process of serving to extend his game.

13:56 – 4-1 Breaking Rod

It keeps Rod at zero, who at the moment appears to be the master of the field (and the game). Mathieu tries to keep in touch, saves two break points and the third goes with a wide forehand from the Norwegian, who then exploits another mistake by Berrettini to grab serve again. Rudd led 4-1 with a double break in the third set.

13:46 – Rod break 2-1

Less safety, less power for Berrettini. Two bad forehand fouls and less than 15-40. In break ball, without the first serve, a forehand from the inside out hits the bar and goes out. Rudd broke, leading 2-1 in the decisive third set. The first half is immediately in the match by Mathieu, who looks very tired.

13:25 – 6-7 Rod

Two free errors by Berrettini, Ruud is good at serving: this is how the Norwegian wins a second-set tiebreak and seals the score. In Gstaad we are an equal group.

13:18 – 6-6

A couple of complicated points, Brittney closed it well with a hard shot on the bounce. Mathieu holds the bar and reaches the tiebreak. We are 6-6 in the second set.

13:16 – 6-5 Rod

The Norwegian is still attentive, keeps his time well. He went up 6-5 in the second set, and Mathieu worked to stay in the partial.

12:57 PM – 5-4 Rod

Mathieu moves to 30-40 with the help of the bar, which absorbs the ball after a bad backhand from Ruud, but the Norwegian with a serve and forehand eliminates the break ball. He then finished the match by making Mathieu move and forcing him to play with a backhand. Rudd led 5-4 in the second set.

12:56 – 4-4

Continue to follow the services. Rudd says, then Matthew does the same. We are 4-4 in the second set, the defining moment of the match.

12:50 – 3-3

It still has zero peritoneum. Matthew is served flawlessly. The second set is so fast, four rounds of service closed to zero between players.

12:48 – 3-2 Rod

Smooth transmission also for Norwegian. Mathieu missed too many answers, Ruud held zero and moved to 3-2 in the second set.

12:43 PM – 2-2

Matthew serves very well. He also maintains this role without problems, returning to tie the second set at 2-2.

12:38 PM – 2-1 Road

With a heavy, deep forehand, Berrettini goes to 15-40: On the first break point, Matteo misses a backhand slide, on the second Ruud pushes a forehand on the blue backhand and gets the point. Then a big ball inside and the Norwegian gets the ball and turns it 2-1. Stay ahead of the second set.

12:34 – 1-1 in the second set

The first two matches of the second group of interlocutors. 1-1 in the second set, now in Rudd’s service.

12:25 – 6-4 First Britney set

Brittney won the first set 6-4. He decides the first game he got in the fifth game.

12:19 PM – 5-3 Berrettini

Matthew is still very good at service. Many Free Points With this base, the Romanian tennis player goes up 5-3.

11:55AM – 3-2 break by Berrettini

Mathieu takes his turn without problems, then takes advantage of the many seconds served by Rod and at the second break point he breaks his serve and takes the break. The Romanian tennis player leads 3-2 in the first set.

11:45 AM – 1-2 Road

Start the game at a slow pace. Rod and Britney retain their turns without issues. Norwegian striker 2-1, after changing the field in the service will go to Mathieu.

11:39 AM – 1-0 Rod

The Norwegian starts well and stays at 15. Now it’s up to Mathieu to go serve.

11:35 a.m. – Here they go

The players entered the field. It will start serving Casper Road

10:48 a.m. – Brittney for the third straight final challenges Rod

The third consecutive final for Matthew Beretini After Stuttgart and Queens. The Romanian tennis player returned after missing Wimbledon because he tested positive for Covid, in the final chapter of Wimbledon Gstaad, ATP 250 that is played on clay in Switzerland. Meet Norwegian Casper today at 11.30 Roda surface specialist and recently reached the finals at Roland Garros (shredded by Nadal).

10:17 – Antecedents

Berrettini and Rudd met four times in the main ring. Budget is in perfect equality: 2-2. Mathieu won the US Open in 2020 and the last encounter (also on clay in Madrid in 2021), and was beaten by Ruud at Roland Garros in 2019 and in Rome in 2020.

09:24 – Mathieu: Motivated by Theme

These are Britney’s words at the end of the semi-final with Tim: Compared to Friday (the match was won against Martinez), I had a different style, the more I played the better I felt. I think it was my best match of the week, and I had to raise the bar because I know how good my opponent is. If I showed more energy, it was also thanks to Theme, who motivated me.

08:38 – Where do you see it on TV

The ATP 25o final in Gstaad between Berrettini and Ruud will be shown live from 11.30 on Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Tennis and Supertennis. However, during the broadcast, the game will be visible on Nowtv.

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