our land. Landscapes, Sustainability, Milan Museum Exhibition

our land.  Landscapes, Sustainability, Milan Museum Exhibition

A photographic exhibition will be held soon at the National Museum of Science and Technology our land. Landscaping and Sustainability. At the heart of the exhibition are the relationships between humanity and nature, and the sustainability and non-sustainability of regions, also documented by dedicated social media shots. The itinerary of the exhibition is presented through a selection of aerial photographs of important Italian agricultural landscapes, taken by drone by photographer Paolo Negres. The above perspective will allow the audience to have a clear and at the same time objective view of the mixture of human and natural elements. The protagonists of the exhibition are Italian landscapes, as a consequence and representation of regional dynamics. It is the mirror of our planning, a measure of our lives and an expression of our values.

Our Earth Photo Gallery. Landscaping and Sustainability

As part of the festivities World Earth DayThe National Museum of Science and Technology hosts the La Nostra Terra photographic exhibition. Landscaping and Sustainability. This is being promoted as part of the Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week at Expo 2020 Dubai. The exhibition will display the winning images from the Our Earth and Climate Change competition. Landscapes of agri-food supply chains. In the middle of the exhibition Relationships between humanity and natureSustainability and non-sustainability of the regions, also documented through snapshots of social media.

The protagonists of the exhibition are the Italian landscape, intended as a result and representation of regional dynamics, a mirror of our planning, a measure of our lives and an expression of our values. The landscape and its agro-food systems, with their diversity and idiosyncrasies, allow us to explore the ecological issue, from The consequences of global warmingthe use of resources up to sustainability practices, stimulating discussion, being a vehicle for messages, information and emotions.

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As part of the exhibition will be held Wednesday review at the museum, in-depth seminars on critical dimensions of agri-food systems. On the first appointment on Wednesday 4 May, agri-food issues will be analyzed through a scientific approach starting from the landscape and evolving over time. On the second, Wednesday, May 11, the role of technology and aerial photography in agricultural practice will be explored.

The opening of the exhibition

Wednesday 27 April at 5:30 pm at the Museum’s Sala Biancamano, with entrance from Via Olona 6,The opening of the exhibition. For this occasion, the following will intervene:

  • Luciana TassiliCurator of Collections – Energia, National Museum of Science and Technology
  • Professor Marina CariniVice President of the Third Mission for Cultural Activities and Social Impact
  • Professor Stefano BocciSustainability Delegate, University of Milan
  • Professor Maurizio MogeriClimate Scientist and Chair of the Academic Council of the Master’s Degree Course in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability, University of Milan
  • Professor Michelle CarducciCoordinator of the Euro-American Center for Research on Constitutional Policy, University of Salento, and member of the Climate Legitimacy Network
  • Photo contest winners: Alessandro Paolo Carnetti, Alice Melzi, Camila Valli, Chiara Bertolini, Chiara Lo Pinto, Chiara Vallarino, Eleonora Carpentieri, Eleonora Sescato, Erica de Giorgi, Irene Secchiella, Luca Forte and Marta Panzeri.

Participation in the event is free, only registration is required and you can do it here. Our Earth Photo Gallery. Landscaping, sustainability, will be open to visitors From Thursday 28 April to Sunday 15 May 2022.

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